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Communicating News of the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

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Essay Preview: Communicating News of the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

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Communicating News of the Chilean Collapse


Jashala Long


Jim Bartvett

Communicating News of the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

The news of a devastating accident is not easy to prepare or communicate to anyone involved. Being the bearer of bad news is never an easy thing to do. The way in which the news is delivered, and what must be done before and after the news is relayed is also important. The needs of the employees are different than the needs of the family members of those men who were trapped in the mine. It is vital to make sure to address each of these groups in a specific way.

When addressing the employees, the best method of communication for an accident such as this is a face to face meeting. This type of devastating news is too important to be delivered in an e-mail or memo. When human suffering is involved the method of communication must be in keeping with the importance of the situation. A face to face meeting is also warranted when delivering the news to the families of the men who were trapped. In the case of the employees, the best method is to go to the location of the mine and have a face to face with all employees. In regards XXXXX XXXXX families, it would be best to provide transportation for all of the families to a location available that can hold all the people. A face to face is the only acceptable method. To deliver any other way would be to suggest a level of un-importance.

The action that must be taken before meeting with each of the two groups, the families of the miners, and the employees is similar. Before meeting with each group it is necessary to have the latest facts available on the situation. It is also important to be able to give specific information on exactly what is currently being done to rescue the trapped men and to be able to forecast how much time it will take to reach the men. In addition, before meeting with each group, the person delivering the message needs to have the latest update available on the condition of the miners and if there has been any communication with the miners. Finally, it is important to have a plan of action available as to what will happen each day of the rescue mission.

The action that must be taken after the message is delivered to have a constant line of communication open with the rescue team. It is also important to be preparing for the rescue and getting the miners to the hospital. Unfortunately, it is also necessary to have a contingency plan in the event the miners, whether one or many do not survive. A speech needs to be prepared for either a successful rescue or a not successful rescue.

The needs of the two groups are a little different. The needs of the employees are to provide grief counselors on site. The employees will



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