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Chinese and Indian Culture

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Essay Preview: Chinese and Indian Culture

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Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, colour symbolism have Five Elements Theory which is Metal, Fire, Water, Wood and Air. Its play an important role in Chinese culture and yet red is represent as Fire. (Jacob Olesen, 2016) Colour red is considered the luckiest colour for Chinese culture and especially in China, and it is widely used in festivals and some important event which is wedding. Red is symbolises good luck, happiness and joy. Thus red is strictly is forbidden to use in funerals.

Gold colour is also a popular colour in Chinese culture. Is consider as the most beautiful colour and it is represent as wisdom, wealth as well. It is also a symbol of good health. (Raetta Parker, 2016)

Other than this, the symbol 囍 is not a character that we use in communication. 喜(xǐ) is a character which mean happy or joy and it is a character that we usually use in communication. But 囍 (shuāngxǐ) which mean ‘double happiness’ which its use in Chinese wedding and it is coincide with the new couple. This symbols is important in Chinese wedding, and you can see in though out in wedding card, wedding cakes, lantern and so on. In Chinese culture, Chinese believe that 囍 ‘shuāngxǐ’ it brings ‘happiness comes in twos’. ( Zhang, A., 2012)

Indian Culture

In indian culture, elephants especially in indian wedding ,it is a symbols of good luck and prosperity. Once a symbols of power, nowadays elephants have become a major ethnic theme for the most Indian wedding. (IndianRoots Daily, 2016) Thus, elephants is still symbolises the epitome of royalty. Aside from that, elephants has also deeply connection with Lord Ganesha and Hindus pay their respects before starting any propitious career in life. Which blessing you in a new beginning of your life. (IndianRoots Daily, 2016)

Apart from that, red is represent as brave, protection and also strength. Red colour has play an instrumental role in Hindu customs and beliefs, it is the most prosperous being in life of a married woman. ( Kate Smith. LLC, 2016) Furthermore, when a girls has arrival into her role in become a married woman, it is symbolised almost red henna on her hands and is also sealed with the red pinch of red powder sin door on her head. (Kate Smith. LLC, 2016)


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