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Christian Morality

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Essay Preview: Christian Morality

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There are many things that a person can do to be moral. A moral person is someone who thinks about the right thing and does it. This person follows the seven virtues, desire greatness and respect for others and for his/her self. A moral person will try not to be biases and try not to follow the seven deadly sins. A moral person also tries to find the truth by being attentive, intelligent, reasonable and loving. He/she is not egocentric, and is not immoral. A moral person is honest, loving and have a positive perspective of life. Jane Smith is a moral person. Jane Smith is a single mother she not only cared for her only son but for the students she taught. Jane is not your everyday teacher because donated one of her kidneys to a student she barely knew. When she asked him at the beginning of the school year they were complete strangers but at the end they were almost like family because of what she did. Jane donated her kidney because she knew that it was the right thing to do and she felt good doing it. Donating a kidney takes courage and determination. Jane also did not ask for anything in return she just wanted her student to be happy. She waited almost a year to give her student her kidney and never gave up hope because she was committed to do the right thing. Jane Smith has all the traits of a moral person.



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