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Abortion; Justified or Morally Incorrect?

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Essay Preview: Abortion; Justified or Morally Incorrect?

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Abortion; Justified or Morally Incorrect?

Abortion is a controversial issue all around the world. It is a choice of life and death and has many people confused about what side to be on. There are equal amounts of people that believe abortion is justified as there are people that believe that it is not morally correct and needs to be stopped. Only one-percent of all abortions occur because of rape or incest, while ninety-three percent of abortions occur for social reasons, such as the child being unwanted or it being at an inconvenient time. Abortions cause depression, regrets, even suicidal thoughts, and is murder therefore abortions should not be legal in the United States.

When a person has an abortion, it does more than take the life from a child. It causes mental and physical damage not to just the mother, but the father also. After the procedure is finished some women may regret it afterwards; some even go through deep depression and have suicidal thoughts. A man can have the same feelings, knowing that he was a part of the idea of deciding on an abortion and regret it also. Many couples throughout the world cannot have children and wait months, and even years to adopt. Giving up a child for adoption can be just as emotionally damaging as an abortion, but when having an abortion you will never get to see the child again because life is being taken from it; yet there are two choices when putting a child up for adoption. The choices, when putting a child up for adoption, is a closed or an open adoption. For an open adoption the birth mother is able to see the child and receive recent pictures, etc. In a closed adoption the birth mother chooses to not see the child at all. Adoption is the better choice because you're giving a couple a dream come true, and your not harming the baby in anyway, as in having an abortion. People argue that having an abortion or putting up a child for adoption is related in the fact that they both are mentally and emotionally damaging, but not all adoptions have to be like that. Take a stand and speak out for what is right. Abortions should not be legal because if you are too young to have a baby, you can still do the right thing and give the baby to someone who is willing to love and nurture it, without doing any harm.

Horrible things happen everyday, such as rape. Although rape is a terrible thing, some people get pregnant from this, and abortion is used as a way to escape and forget what happened. Despite this belief, it is not a way to solve everything. Rape causes depression, physical damage, mental damage, and emotional problems. An abortion causes all of the same things as rape. Physical damage, because for some women it makes them infertile, or no longer able to conceive a child. Mental damage, because you regret the procedure that was done and have a visual picture of it implanted into your mind. Emotional problems, because it causes depression and suicidal thoughts, resulting from the



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