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Christina Gold Leading Change at Western Union

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Essay Preview: Christina Gold Leading Change at Western Union

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Christina Gold leading change at western union

Identification and discussion of the type of change Christina Gold wanted to lead Western Union through

The organization structure: Christina Gold wanted to lead Western Union through a regional structure product line that would replace the U.S. centric product line focus. She wanted to empower leaders at the regional level in order to cope efficiently with the different cultures within the company areas.

Christina Gold, after taken over Western Union, decided to implement a deep change in the company in order to unify the company's U.S operations with its international division, and sustaining the company's growth at the same time. However, the matter in this undertaken action is about the necessity of such change for the company at that time. In order to answer to this question, we will try to analyze tha company's internal and external environment.

The change desired by Christina Gold was mainly about the organization structure: Christina Gold, the new CEO, wanted to move from the U.S. centric product line focus to a regional structure by empowering leaders at the regional level.

Company internal environment; we can highlight here two main aspects:

The current company's structure and the conservatism of leaders in United States: all the company's operations within a product line were centered in United States and the leaders in United States were not only conservatism mind of those leaders, the willingness to keep things as they are. But, in a changing world as our, it is mot possible to survive with this kind of spirit.

The keenness of leaders at the regional level: these leaders wanted to push out the responsibility within their own regions. Thus, we had here leaders that are thirsty of new challenges; it was a good indicator for the company, and this potential needed to be exploited as opportunities.

Company external environment; we can also highlight two main aspects:

The rapid growth of the company and the change in economic and social behavior: the company's growth was high, mainly in international operations with excellent results in emerging markets. At the other side, there were more and more immigrants who earned money in one country and sent funds to family and love ones in another country.

The internatinalization of the company's operations and the diferences in cultures within the areas covered by the company: with these differences, the company needed to think locally when acting globally. This would allowed the company to be more efficient by coping with those differences.

In this situation, it is clear that for the company well-trodden paths breed danger: the organization have been successful till now with



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