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Chronicles of Egypt

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It has been along time since my adventures with my parents Adam and Eve. I have met and talked with Moses a couple of times since I have been undercover working for the pharaoh as a Hebrew. Not even Moses new till I told him one day. After I was talking with God he told me to tell Moses that he would become a leader and that he would find his spot in life, and that he should expect many great things. Moses didn't believe me at first. I told him that he was not an Egyptian that he was something else, and he did not believe me at first. Later that week I think it started to hit Moses that he didn't feel like he belonged where he was.

The next Day something extraordinary happened Moses killed an Egyptian after he was abusing a Hebrew I couldn't believe what he had done. So then Moses right after that runs away, and I follow him all the way to Midian. Moses didn't realize how badly treated his people were being. For 40 years Moses and I worked in In midian and became very friendly with the people there.

On evening Moses and I were herding Sheep and I herd something over in the distance, and I hear Moses calling my name. I could never find him and I didn't no what was going on during that time finally I see Moses in the distance running towards me, and he tells me everything. He told me that he got a message from God and that I was right. Moses was called and tolled to make a very important message to the Israelites

Later one night I'm eating dinner back in Egypt, and I get a knock on the door from Moses he says "baby lambs blood on the door Now!" and the he walked away so I did what he asked, and later found out why he made me do that. Moses and his brother went to the Pharaoh to ask if his people could go and the pharaoh didn't make it happen so Moses told God, and God sent out a Plague that affected any body without baby lambs blood on their door. The plague killed any Egyptians first born male. This whole event was called Passover. The Passover lamb is a type of Christ The lamb of God.

After Passover the Egyptians decide to chase out the Israelites out of Egypt. Me Moses and many of Israelites. Moses and I led them to the red sea Where God Miracously let Moses depart the red Sea so that the Israelites could escape fro the Egyptians an Egypt and get back to their homeland, and once the Israelites get out of the sea the Egyptians are still stucked in it and Moses releases the water and it drowns many Egyptians.

Moses made a huge impact in life. He changed the way we live today and what religion people follow. Moses inspires me and many other people. I do not know where I will be next, but I know that it will be very exciting and great events.



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