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Cirque Du Soleil Case

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Essay Preview: Cirque Du Soleil Case

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Nowadays, an increasing number of customers turn to the web for reading the news, listening to music or even watching television. Therefore, the role of information technology (IT) is of extreme importance to the entertainment sector. For example the internet plays a keyrole in linking the world. Communication has become much faster and easier, thanks to IT. Also today's numerous innovative multimedia applications and special effects are being used in movies. These applications have been made possible due to the use of information technologies which result in one inevitable outcome; the numerous possibilities of IT are improving and intensifying the entertainment industry which add great value to entertainment organizations such as Cirque du Soleil.

In 2008 Cirque du Soleil had created an IT infrastructure which is supporting the entire process value chain from casting to production, logistics and show creation in order to deliver the well-knows magnificent shows around the world. The main role of IT was to support managing activities of all different departments at Cirque such as payroll activities, ticketing, artist managing, show designs, costume designs etc. To do so, IT enabled the development and implementation of the so called 'Cirque Memory'.

The Cirque Memory is, in short, a knowledge repository used to safe and store all information on costumes, staging, sets and artists' make-up of relevance. For example; Cirque Memory includes a database with detailed instructions and photos on make-up applications. Also costume designs are being featured in Cirque Memory. In this way make-up artists and costume designers are being guided and supported by the system in order to pursue their profession. Overall, the work of everyone in the artistic organization from the performers to the directors, has been changed and affected positively due to the enabler of Cirque Memory; IT.

Question 2.

Discuss pro and cons of outsourcing for CduS. Distinguish: networks [OBS] and Information Systems and IT operations [CGI].

In order to be globally supported and served, Cirque du Soleil has selected CGI for an IT outsourcing contract and OBS for networks. The key roles of CGI and OBS are providing support, operation and evolution of the global technology infrastructure and applications of Cirque du Soleil. Also CGI is charged with providing IT services for Cirque's touring shows around the world.

Outsourcing comes along with both advantages and disadvantages. One inevitable disadvantage is the loss of managerial control. Whether Cirque has signed a contract to have CGI and OBS perform the function of the IT department, still the control and management of that function will belong to CGI and OBS. There's a chance that the outsourcing companies will not be driven by the same mission and standards that drives Cirque. Another example is the threat to confidential and secure information. Cirque's memory is filled with all relevant information of all department units. And it is this information that keeps Cirque running and succeeding. If certain parts of information such as payroll or any other confidential information will be transmitted to the outsourcing companies, there's a risk that the confidentiality will be compounded. Besides these disadvantages, there are also numerous advantages that go beyond money. Improvement of Cirque's internal staff is one of the advantages that results from the outsourcing contract. Cirque's IT department will be managed by experts of CGI and OBS offering new skills and point of views. This enables the existing staff of Cirque to acquire the new set of skills as they work alongside these professionals. The advantage of cost and efficiency savings has to be mentioned too. Cirque's IT department is being supported and operated by experts of CGI and OBS who specialize in their field. These experts also have technical expertise and specific equipment, which are better than the ones at Cirque. As a result, the tasks can be completed faster and with better quality output.

Question 3.

Examine in detail five prevailing systems (incl. software). Analyze initiatives of Savoie to revamp these. What benefits did CduS derive from these initiatives? Discuss legacy systems.




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