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Coca-Cola and Pepsi

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Essay Preview: Coca-Cola and Pepsi

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While Pepsi overpowers the consumer with sweetness, Coca-Cola is just the right balance of sweet and bitter. In the first few years, Coca-Cola used actual cocaine leaves and other ingredients to make the taste of the drink a bit bitter in comparison to the sweetness, but because of the drug use, it was taken out in the 1900's. Even though the cocaine was removed, somehow Coke managed to maintain the balance of the bitter sweet drink. Many people often initially like Pepsi more than Coke because of the sweetness, but people have reported that it is less enjoyable the more they drink it. Consumers are more likely to order a second Coke in a sitting than they are a second Pepsi. Coca-Cola products have a flavor which is slightly bitter and less sweet, making it easier to drink over long periods of time. Being able to savor a drink, and maybe have another, is the epitome of joy to Coca-Cola fans. Without having the so called "wow factor" experience, Coca-Cola would not be as enjoyable.

Coca-Cola's advertisements throughout the years have been personal and heartwarming to viewers.Many of the Coke ad campaigns involve warm and fuzzy imagery.Since the beginning, Coke has always had bright red as their main attraction.For example: A jolly Santa Claus, adorable polar bears and nostalgic paintings.Studies show that these images cause people to feel a connection with Coke and thus, be more likely to reach for the red cans instead of the blue ones at the store.Pepsi, unlike Coke, has always tried to sell an idea rather than a product.The idea of Pepsi branding is to get the young ones attracted to the bright red, white, and blue colors. While Pepsi uses ideas and bright colors, Coke has always been very personal by using commercials showing that a coke can brighten the average work day and stressful holidays. Because of its popularity with taste and branding, Coke has many more campaign supporters compared to Pepsi. One of the first things that comes to mind for viewers is the classic "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" jingle.

The second is the Santa Clause themed commercials they use around the holidays.With highly visible spots on top-rated shows like "American Idol", "The Voice", and the Superbowl, Coke gets its brand in front of more audiences than Pepsi. In the last few years, Pepsi has opted for less traditional campaigns that have not had huge payoffs. Traditional has always been what Coke is about. While Pepsi marketers are more modern and "hip", Coca-Cola is the preferred traditional, good old days drink.



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