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Coca-Cola in India Case Study

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Essay Preview: Coca-Cola in India Case Study

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1. One big culture differences is the language that causes the Coke's difficulties in India. Language has a lot to do with understanding how to express the motions and ideas to make it clear for the others to understand. Another that may cause the Coke's difficulties in India is the service and approval from people. Indian culture is more conservative than American, and the U.S. worry about approval from people issues. Also laws in India are different than here in the U.S.; U.S. laws are a lot more accepted than India. I think the last difference is the flavor people prefer among the two countries, which may be the reason why coke is not that popular in India as it is in America.

2. Coca-Cola should start to fix things by apologize first for destroying the water resources in India for the villagers, to do that they should compensate for. The way to do that they should give money or clean water to the villagers. They could try other marketing strategies in that area as well for them to be liked and find some other way to solve its problem since coke still wants to be liked in India. MNCs need to make good consumer loyalty and standers so it needs to ensure publics that Coke will not destroy their environment anymore.

3. To obtain more Indian soft drinks Coke should change its style of advertisement so it could fit the flavor and culture of Indian people. To show Coke pays attention on Indian market Coca-Cola should show some Indian cultural aspects in packing of the drink. It should also take more company public responsibilities as PepsiCo did in India. Pepsi's help village get more water by digging wells as one of its social responsibility to prevent water waste, Coke should look in to doing something like that; since India is a country lack water.

4. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are two big companies well known in the world. For many years they have put in the best soft drink with their products. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo can keep the price low so they can show how willing they are to the keep up with the new market of the new culture. But when they have good named its drink then they can have the price what they like and still are sealing. The way they have commercial products with celebrities of the country they are in that is a big help to seal to market their products.



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