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Coca Cola Marketing Case Study

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Essay Preview: Coca Cola Marketing Case Study

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Marketing Strategy

Principles of Marketing

Ottawa University

Professor Keith Rieger

Tonya L. Nelson

February 18, 2018


Wendy Clark, SVP Integrated Marketing Communications at Capabilities at Coca-Cola provided a view on marketing at an event.  Coca-Cola is a huge name brand that most of us have known for years.  The ideas behind their strategies can be useful for other companies in different industries, especially with the digital future that is inevitably upon us.  Being ale to manage the present and invent the future on a 2 inch by 4-inch screen – as cell phones are the way of the future (Clark, 2013).

        Coca-Cola has three main areas of Focus:

  • Stories:  Context, Experiences, Conversations
  • Spread:  Owned, Earned, Shared, Paid
  • Value:  Transcends that to our own company

Content needs to be deeply linked to strategy, more content based on context, experiences and conversation, spread them thru owned, earned, shared and paid media and have them transcend to our company that is brand love and brand value.

Wendy states “If you can’t put what you are trying to do in a hash tag, then you didn’t make it simple enough” (Clark, 2013).  It really does make sense in this digital world of social media.  

#besharworthy is all about sharing content, which is essential the base of social media.  Sometimes a product or service is not attractive, so companies need to make it shareworthy.  For 1848 Firearms, the product is very visually pleasing, so media with the product itself will be easy to share.

#newsalesforce is activating satisfied clients or customers and help them spread the message of your company.  Referrals are still one of the easiest ways to gain new customers and have them engage and share.  The current customers that 1848 has are very loyal, so this technique will be extremely useful in the marketing of the new product.  

#speedtrumpsperfection is important for brands that are used to delivering the perfect advertising or communication.  Speed is getting so important with social media, as everything is instantaneous, especially for consumers.  They want the newest and best things immeadiatley.  1848 may struggle with this concept, as for the company perfection is the most important in their product manufacturing.  1848 needs to ensure that when the release date of the new product is decided that everything is on target so that date is not missed.  If our consumers are expecting it, we had better deliver.  



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