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Cold War

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After closely reading the text and going over the written articles I have to conclude that I must agree with Lippmann about the Cold War. Not only did he come up with the term "Cold War" and practically wrote a book on it. He seems to know in great detail what he is talking about using focal points like, calling for the United States withdrawal from world affairs or appeasement of the Soviet Union on several grounds. Lippmann makes point to question whether the United States can afford a policy of confronting and containing the Soviet Union throughout the globe. Lippmann makes great points on American military strength to when he states "American military power is peculiarly unsuited to a policy of containment which has to be enforced persistently and patiently for an indefinite period of time", and later goes on to say Mr. X meaning Kennan's picture of the Soviet conduct has no pattern and that Kremlin will understand this, and by this we mean liberating Europe and that we must expect it to exact the highest price it can obtain for what would be a deep reduction of its present power and influence in Europe, or, if it means to conquer Europe, to obstruct any settlement which meant that the Russian armies must evacuate Europe . Lippmann clearly has all the answers to what we should do about the whole cold war situation and how we should handle it. Lippmann is clearly the right voice to listen in this case.



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