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Colgate-Palmolive Brand Science

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Essay Preview: Colgate-Palmolive Brand Science

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Q: GIVEN THE PRESENT DATA, WHAT DO YOU THINK HUL BRAND LEVEL? TRY AND FIND OUT A SOLUTION FOR EAC SHH OOUF LTDH DE O6, PA'TS. A Aan: dT hDeis tcoooutnhtp. aHsitned inudstuasnt rUyn hilaesv beer eisn psreegsmenent tined t winot oo utht roefe t hberosea dth sreegem seengmts:e Pnrtse.m ium, Mid Range - Premium: Close Up and Pepsodent G AotnDTpwbhpeeeonohreerpgiaoe nnde-oltnu ygh strag zh etCatbhiue oln Mcl oSrne Cagb,Wsi isl tttdeetoehoyhO stU R, efe reaTaa pae b pcs cUnc Aiup btpgopgsnreegvee, rad gaewne:elna .sr yPennhdt stest i r ti cipl1sshanelts 6itr ocamPoi%eefotde ae.btn peth ti o nhnsiienfsotrg b Hodt tchrhueUhaaengLnat htm r d ti wtnPhsas eea rtf2 pohkst0 rwseed0 o tHooo 5dsivU tnbeoeaLnrgnrn,at a wwdt;nl hltsdae het rlsao eldf thorio sn7eatl,l hf4vPo2op%ew0er ape0n,is ,ns2ow ttog-ethh2 d befii0enilernen0deed 4t Huni i,sss n UaCt tgsabrLltsoyrl i oetl seple ne mtadoo lU y ies lnp oprehtegsg sawriem snft:a oo g2esrw n0s mlth%ao raosw dirupneesteg l ahntl hsnutehoedtgarrg ehaere et B ehnnrui oc.t htA, s SWOT for Close Up:


- Flavor has been the

biggest driver in the gel

segment for Close Up

- Stable growth rates

- Penetration in rural

markets is also high


- Colgate has been gaining

popularity, and the versions

such as Max Fresh giving

huge competition to Close



- Only Close Up Red has

been popular, the other

variants only contribute

about 5% to the segment

- Has not been able to use

Modern Trade to complete



- Other flavors such as

Lemon Mint, which had

good advertising and a

fresh feel should be

developed further

SWOT for Pepsodent:

So, what is the strategy that HUL should follow? While the positioning of HUL's two brands is quite differentiated, they iC natlrcoiudmuc vtiaornia onft v iasr ciaannntsi bcaolmizpatleiotenl ym soevpea froart eP. tdheen mt. ove of Close up sthoo cuolmd ek euepp w thitehir a Milk


- Presence in two of the

three existing segments

through Pepsodent and

Pepsodent G

- High credibility attached

to the brand due to

affiliation to Dentists


- Competitors such as

Dabur, Babool increasing

footprint through aquisition

and presence across



- No real exposition to a

wide variety of variants

- Budgetary Constraints


- Rural Penetration is

growing, tap on this

opportunity to grow

footprint in the rural areas,

through smaller packaging


So, what should For Close Up1: the 6 Ps be: Ps Description

Product Aont tthhee parcotidvuec ftr elesvhenle, Csslo eslee mUpen sthso uld build on the strengths of 'fresh gel' formulation. Also focus Price Apet ntheetr patriiocen laetv beol, tChl ousreb aUnp a snhdo uruldr adle lcerveealss e its' price to match the competitors to increase Promotion CcFCooloomc-sbueprs aa Uonnpnyd s PswhhOoioPtuhu ls ldldau l fgeao glcpsauoogs ice noo tgn-sos otpoondo insgn,sr csooruruec naehsvd aee as nvc VtitssiIi vPwbi,ti ilwitiehtisy t a hto oy fa obv tuuahtriehlidma f naientc so-tr.of o rta radatvstae icnl hwtoei dtthh t eoa miCtl.o o dsee rUnp r eStmaiill efo rmats, the Place Distribution should focus on more channels into modern retail, pan walas and rural kirana stores Packaging Close Up should bring more travel packs, apart from the large variants to induce trial Posit Fioorn Pinegp sodeCnlot2s:e Up should continue positioning itself as a young and vibrant brand with a fresh life theme Ps Description

Product At the product level, Pepsodent needs to build on its benefits of the ultimate dental care products Price Apat ctkhaeg persi cwei ltehv leolw, P perpiscoed teon cto amlsboa nt eDeadbsu tro B mabatocohl iatns dd iMreecstw caokm'sp ceotimtopre, taintido nin troduce smaller Promotion FaC ooPc-ebuprssa oonndd eipnnrgto bmwloiotgthi obany C aoh fDe tmehneist batsel nCCeahfraietin sE Pxeppesrot dent offers, through more interactive media vehicle like Place Ashpoaurltd f rboem w tihdee lnyo urtmiliazle md o m n pop stores and modern retail formats, the channel of chemists Packaging Ppreopfseosdseionnta slh doeunldta iln ctarroed. uMcoe rleo wwehri tper aicnedd s pearciokuasg eloso, wk ith packaging design focusing on Posit 12 i CC o oo n mm i n pp gaa nn yy RR ee Ppp ooe rrp tt sss o ©© d eEE nu u t rr o os MMh o oo unn l ii dtt oo prr offoosrri tHHioUUnLL itself the doctor of your teeth at home

Q. WHAT DO YOU THINK COLGATE SHOULD DO TO BECOME PLAYER THAN IT IS TODAY? AN EVEN BIGGER Aahinny.c gnAriuecemcanose era dsdnai dinlne g8 sl %t ignor ebte hywwe vi btcahayl us i1nee1 f asl%aninta iciolneyn sct.i husCer,o rt ylhegeneaa tttr eov -2oaP0ltauh0lepm5 at. oesAlrti emsv eeisnc loidennud d2s st0aarr0ylye8 isr,n eti noIsn e r2dae0riaa0cc



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