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Frankinstine - Science & Technology

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Science and Technology

Today, technology has improved so much; nearly everyone is using some type of science or technology 24-7. Science and technology can be helpful, other times it can be appalling to society. In the story Frankenstein, science and technology plays an important role with the creation of the monster. Victor became engaged in the understanding of science at an early age. He created this monster because he felt he would become the greatest scientist in the world by creating life.

Victor was the eldest child who traveled a lot with his parents. He had a happy childhood but he was spoiled. He also had an eager desire to learn. When he was 15 years old he witnessed a terrible thunderstorm and then found an oak tree shattered from the storm, "a flash of lightning illuminated the object and discovered its shape plainly to me" (Shelly). Before this occurred he didn't know about electricity. This incident sparked his interest in science. He then threw himself into studies of math and science that changed his life, but he realized during the thunderstorm that the power of nature and science was trivial to the other things in life. He had a professor Mr. Waldman who gave him a lecture about the power and control over nature, he told him "You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!" (Shelly). He then began to work in his lab using his machines and advancing in his knowledge in science. This all helped to decide his future destiny. He became totally emerged in science after that.

The creation of Victor's monster resulted in his loved ones being killed. For example, when Victor destroys the monsters mate, the monster says, "If you deny me my wedding night... I shall be with you on yours!"(Shelly). Shelly was saying that sometimes science can come on too quickly. Shelly is also indicating how science can interfere with nature if we go too far. If we have the ability to create life, to what extreme can we go with all of that? It also seems to me Shelley was saying that when we create something without really thinking this through it can have an impact on, not only our lives, but the lives of others.

Modern technology is very helpful, but it can play games with our minds. Shelly's message about science still does have a meaning today. Some may say that we have already gone too far with technology. We have not figured out how to create life, but some day we just might. We have created robots that can think and do most anything a human can do and sometime much better. Through Shelly's perspective on science in Frankenstein, one can understand that creating something new may not be good for society, and too much of something can be very bad when used for the wrong purpose.

Creating the monster was a great idea to Victor at first, but in the end it ended up ruining his and the lives of others. His desire to create life



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