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College Research Essey

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College Research Paper

I researched three colleges that I have been thinking attending after high school. They are Edmonds Community College, Western Washington University and the University of Washington.

Edmonds Community College is in Edmonds close to where I live. To me this is the best solution for my schedule and is going to be the most realistic choice to go after high school. The total in state student tuition is $8,435.The room and board is between $3,700 -$2,940, tuition is $3,542 for a year, books and supplies average around $972. To get financial aid you need to go to the ( website and complete the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) online. I went to visit this school with my friend and it was a clean, organized campus. The buildings were nice, and the overall campus was very welcoming. It was easy to get from place to place but was hard to find a parking spot. This did not seem to bother the students who were going to class. This is a very affordable college for me before I go to a four year university. I want to save money and get my general classes at a great college. At the Edmonds Community College I would have that. (

Western Washington University's campus is big, 215 acres. It has a total of 13,809 undergraduates, with 44% male and 56% female students. The instate tuition and fees for a year are $7,756 and books cost about $1000. Seventy-one percent of the students live off campus. Board and rooms cost about $8,775 for fall quarter. To get financial aid you need to go to the ( website and complete the (free application for federal student aid) FAFSA online. There is an annual scholarship called "American Society of Civil Engineering". The deadline is Feb. 15, 2012 and the mount awarded is $5,000. Western Washington University offers student services like remedial tutoring, women's center, placement services, daycare, health services and health insurances. Western University has 24 hour foot and vehicle patrol, 24 hour emergency telephones and lighted walkways. About 19 percent of the students have cars on campus. Alcohol is tolerated for student to drink if they are 21.Western sounds like a well-protected school that has with flexible lifestyle. But it's an hour and a half from Edmonds. (

The University of Washington was founded in 1861, and is one of the oldest public colleges on the West coast. The instate tuition and fees at the UW are around $8,556 and books are about $1,000. The school has an open, motivating and inspiring vibe. When I went to talk to one of the counselors there she said "UW is always opening doors to expand students' opportunities to the learning's and changes." This university has branches in Tacoma and Bothell with similar programs that the main UW campus has. This is a bonus for students because those who



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