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Why College Is Important

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In the world we live in today there are many people who believe that a college education is a waste of time and money. Knowledge is power and without it life itself will be difficult for you to survive just because how competitive it is in the year 2011. College is the gateway to meeting new people,expanding your social horizon and in the end becoming a well-rounded individual for your community to be proud of. College isn't just all about homework and classes all the time throughout college you learn many lessons.

The first thing that I believe to be the most essential thing for you to learn is to be able to survive and live on your own without the help and nursing of your parents. Whether its them waking you up early for school, them cooking dinner ,and making sure you have the basics as far as food, money, and toiletries. When your in college you and only you are responsible for yourself so you learn the importance of responsibility and discipline.

The second thing that I believe you benefit from while striving towards your college degree is networking. College drops you in a "melting pot" you meet different people from all around the world. Meeting these people can expand your social horizon whether it be by becoming friends or them knowing other people who can give you "hook ups" on jobs, advice, or internships which then doesn't make college such a waste of time because while you were there you've met some pretty cool people and made memories with people you'll never forget.

Finally, and probably the most important thing about college is the learning experience. Knowledge is a incredible thing, without it you will result to nothing and with it you can do the most unbelievable things known to man. College is the portal to high paying job and a career that you enjoy. It has been proven that students who go through and graduate college earn twice as much money as students who dropped out at high school. So while you have your high paying job you have paid your way through college which then doesn't make it a waste of money. In the end college gives you a hand up on tough competition in 2011 and keeps you from saying "Welcome to Burger King may i take your order."

So in conclusion college teaches you many life lessons and also puts the lessons that your parents once taught you to test and when it's all said and done college will never be a waste of time as long as you have the desire for money and knowledge. College is only the beginning to life and if used right it can be the key to something special later on in life I mean whose to say college cant turn you into the next Bill Gates(Chairman of Microsoft) or perhaps even the next Mark Zuckerberg



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