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Colosseum - Roman Empire

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I have chosen the structure built in the Roman Empire called the Colosseum. This piece of art has effect the way we live our lives due to the major impact that is has put into our society. I find that this piece of art work was done at the time it was completed. The fact the technology available at the time it was constructed shocks me. Its level of height and the way the seating was constructed makes the Colosseum one of the most magnificent places on earth to see. Its value to society in it time is just like all of big sports event around the world now. The way they put the different level of seating that allowed for many different people to attend were their budgets or social class. The way they organized how people get in and out of the Colosseum lets you know the intelgence that the architect had build it. This structure also was built by using concrete. It has lead to many being built with it in to society. Construction of roads and many buildings using concrete have been built into society. The basic idea of the Colosseum is used in almost every sporting event stadiums. That being said, if for the construction of the Colosseum we may not have the stadiums that we have today. For instance, our beloved Bryant-Denny Stadium could be something totally different. The basic of seating people and moving them in and out through certain gates comes for the Colosseum. We can contribute this all to the Roman Empire and it love for its games. I have been to Rome and saw some of these pieces of art, however, I have not seen this particular work. You can look around at the many stadiums that are built all over the world and see that this piece of art has contributed to them all. This is only example that allows us to see what was built and constructed in Colosseum. Our interest system is a product of what is was built by. The concrete was used on many walkways and building around the world now.

In conclusion, the Colosseum was beneficial to society in which it was built for entertainment purposes and influenced art today. However, the way it has continued to impact the world today would surprise the leaders and builders of that time. This structure has set the standard for football stadiums, baseball fields, and basketball gyms around the world.



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