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Comm 215 - Case Study Analysis Paper

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Case Study Analysis paper


November 14, 2011

University of Phoenix


Case Study Analysis Paper

Carl Robins the new campus recruiter for ABC has one month to coordinate a training schedule. He hired 15 new employees that should be trained by June 15. In order for the training to take place Carl has to coordinate the orientation, have all the policy booklets, training schedule, and drug test ready for all the new employees. Everything has to be finalized by June 15. After May 25 Carl realize that some of the new employees had incomplete applications on file, none of them had been sent for a drug screen, he did not have enough orientation manuals for all the trainees and the room he was planning to use for the training has been taken by Joe to conduct computer training seminars. With only one month to complete the training he panicked and didn't know what to do.

BACKGROUND Even though Carl was very successful in recruiting 15 new hires, he doesn't have enough training himself in order to conduct the training for the new hires. He doesn't have any experience; this will be his first training effort. There are several events leading to the training conflict. First we have to consider that Carl is a new campus recruiter. Therefore he lacks experience. He had from the day he recruited the hires on early April until June 15 to get everything organized and ready for the training. On May 15 he was contacted by Monica about the training schedule and he assured her that everything would be done in time. After Memorial Day Carl decides to starts putting the training together and realizes that he is facing a big challenge. He now has one month to demonstrate that he is reliable and that he will conduct the training successfully.

KEY PROBLEMS Carl has several challenges to face. First he is a new in his field. He doesn't have any training experience, and is afraid to ask for help. He has one month to complete the new hires applications, send everybody for a drug screen, he needs to order new training manuals, since the ones that he has are not enough and are incomplete. He also needs to find an available room to conduct the training. The one he was planning to use will be taken by one of his co-workers for the entire month of June. All of these key problems may seem overwhelming. Carl needs to calm down and starting acting fast.

ALTERNATIVES There are several alternatives for each key problem that can be considered. The following are some ideas that can be done to solve the key problems. Carl should consider taking some training classes himself. He is a



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