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Case Study Analysis for Abc Inc

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Essay Preview: Case Study Analysis for Abc Inc

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Case Study Analysis for ABC, Inc

In the recruiting process a manager recruits quality employees who develop his or her abilities, knowledge, and skills preparing them for a promotion or advancement into ever more challenging roles (Heathfield, 2011, para. 1). The case study analysis for ABC, Inc examines the problems found in the recruiting process. Because of the lack of training that Carl Robbins received from previous recruiting managers, he cannot effectively complete his mission of hiring personnel for the summer.

The major issue with Carl's situation is not of capability or competence, but an issue of adjusting to his new status. Carl has worked with ABC, Inc for only six months, and was not properly trained or prepared for his new position of being a recruiter for the company. Not receiving the proper training for a stress-free situation can cause a stressful environment because of the unfamiliar tasks that fall within the duties of recruitment.


The new recruiter Carl Robins for ABC, Inc. has just completed his first recruitment process for the company. The operations supervisor, Monica Carrolls, just had 15 recruits hired by Carl. These new recruits are scheduled to begin working in July. On June 15, Carl will hold the new hire orientation for the company. For all of this to take place Carl had to use critical thinking skills to complete his mission of hiring new employees, despite having any prior experience. Carl's responsibilities as the recruiter were to do the following: schedule appointments at the clinic for the mandatory drug screening, plan and schedule the orientation brief, schedule on-the-job training, and collect all new employee information for hiring purposes.

Carl stated that he was primed for the June 15 orientation, and would not need any help from Monica or her team at the time. Two week's from the orientation for the new hires, Carl needs to ensure that all products and plans are finalize for a smooth transition for new hires being welcomed into the company.

Roughly a week before the new hires were scheduled to arrive for the orientation Carl was checking files, and realized that many of the files were incomplete. Some were missing transcripts; while others were missing other paperwork that was needed to complete the hiring process. Furthermore, he sees that the new hires have yet to make the mandatory drug screening he had scheduled to be completed at the clinic. There are only three manuals for the orientation, and all are missing several pages. The conference room that Carl had reserved for the orientation has also been scheduled for the computer training that Joe was giving for the entire month.


Organizing is assembling the resources needed to complete the job and coordinating employees and tasks for maximum success (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 33). Organizing is one of the most important managing tools that Carl is lacking at this time. He also has little experience as a recruiter, and lack of delegating skills to help him accomplish his mission. Lacking these skills can make or break an individual in business. Carl placed himself in a position where the planning process fell solely on him, therefore, leaving many of the tasks incomplete for the hiring process.

Key issues that Carl must ensure that are corrected so that his time line is still met include the following:

* Employee transcripts must get on file

* Mandatory drug screenings are taken

* More orientation manuals must be made with all paperwork provided

* Scheduling another room that is sufficient to met training requirements

* Follow-up in a timely manner on all required paperwork before June 15 orientation


Now that the problems have been identified, what can they be fixed? For all tasks to be completed before June 15th Carl will need a short-term solution. He must go to Monica about the situation and explain what has happened, and ask for guidance, as well as help to correct all deficiencies. Once that has been completed Carl needs to contact individuals who are missing transcripts or other paperwork, and request that all paperwork be delivered to the company's office no later than the following morning.

In addition, Carl needs to contact the clinic to reschedule appointments necessary for the drug-screening test for potential new hires. Drug screening of



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