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Comments on Daniel Pink and Gelb Books

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Essay Preview: Comments on Daniel Pink and Gelb Books

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Daniel Pink & Michael Gelb books

Long time ago we used to have one engineer, one doctor and one teacher that do everything for their job. No specialization required. One who can build and fix everything, another who is treating people. As the world is getting more complicated every career has several specialties. Now we have structure, mechanical, and chemical engineers, and math, science, language art teachers. Now being structure or mechanical engineer is not enough we need more creativity in each specialty.

I think Pink is trying to say get the left brained knowledge is not enough anymore you need to have right brained knowledge in addition to that.

I disagree with Pink that Software will replace left human brain. Software may replace routine in jobs but not all the characteristics for the left brain.

Curiosity questions:

Can left brained people change their way of thinking to think like right brained people?

If yes so where is the problem?

What is the percentage of left brained people in the world to the right brained people?

You can go to this website to find out if you're left or right brained. And let your kids take the test too.

Why? To help them better, understand them better, and sharpen their skills.

Once you see the results you will find most people whether they are left or right them still have some of the characteristic of the other way of thinking. In another word, left brainer have some creativity, and write brainer have some logical.

Other interesting questions:

What if we have only left brained people living in the world?

If you a right brained person and trying to do left brained job as your way of living, will you be happy?

I believe in the statement "Do what you love and money will follow", and if money didn't follow at least you are happy doing it.

From Gelb book I like the mind map exercise and I am intending to use it with my students.



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