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Common Health Problems

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Common Health Problems

When middle adulthood is reached, one may notice some health changes. These changes can happen gradually or one may wake up one morning and notice them. These health problems can affect both men and women but may have a higher percentage in one sex over the other. The energy level gradually decreases, and one make adjustments in their daily routine. The endurance stays strong, but physical work is tougher to do. If one makes the right choices and practices preventative care, the better the chances are of staying healthy.

Eyesight and Hearing

The eyesight is the sharpest in at about age twenty. Between 40 and 45, the vision declines. Most people notice they become farsightedness. The scientific name for this is presbyopia. Hearing is also on the gradual decline after age twenty. The higher pitched tones are the hardest to hear. This scientific name for this is presbycusis. The other senses decline when middle adulthood is reached around 45 or 50 (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2010).


Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure. When one hits middle age the percentage of this disorder goes up. High blood pressure is a precursor for heart attacks and strokes. Proper diet and exercise can help prevent high blood pressure. There are tests to screen for high blood pressure too, so preventive measures should be taken.


Middle age also shows an increase in cancer in both men and women. Breast cancer affects one out of eight women and should be taken seriously. At age 40 a woman should start having mammograms. A breast self-exam should also be done periodically so any changes can be noticed and looked at immediately. The earlier one finds a lump or changes in the breast the better and one's chances of survival go up. Men also have an increase of prostate cancer in middle adulthood. Colon cancer is also another cancer on the rise in middle age. Colonoscopies should be done once the age of 40 is reached.

Physical Changes in Appearance

Some physical changes that appear in middle adulthood are the appearance of gray hairs and wrinkles. Weight gain is also common in middle age. Other changes that occur are that skin becomes dry and loses elasticity. The hair in middle adulthood also tends to thin. Many adults in this age range start to believe they are losing their attractiveness and depression may set in.



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