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Health Problems Across Most Demographic Areas

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Essay Preview: Health Problems Across Most Demographic Areas

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With rising health problems across most demographics of the United States population the health care debate on how to provide more adequate health care for its citizens iscurrently heated in the United States Government. The debate is split between to generally basic beliefs: Let competition between insurance companies create better health coverage and policies,or give the government authority to distribute the health coverage to its citizens. Which methodis more efficient? Should more control be given to the government in order to oversee thedistribution of health and insure herd immunity among the population, or should the privateindustry provide better coverage than its competitors and sell that coverage only to consumerswho are in need?Although deciding which country is the "healthiest" is hard, there is some consensusesthat the United States is one of the best countries in the world (excluding preventive care, andactual health) to get medical care. Post industrial revolution and current technological revolutionhas propelled the medical field in the United States to this position. However, that does not takeinto an account of people who actual receive medical treatment. There are approximately forty-six million Americans who are not insured. That is sixteen percent of the population of theUnited States of American who go without health insurance everyday. With rising cost of healthcare, that number is expected to increase. This pushes the uninsured to the lower end of the population; those who are of the lower class. This segment of the population also works most of the menial jobs in America: Food Service Industry, Manual Labor, and other minimum wage jobs. This sector of workers is the ones most likely to touch and handle money and commonmonetary goods.



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