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Communications and Colaboration Strategy Paper

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Essay Preview: Communications and Colaboration Strategy Paper

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy paper is a requirement for Phoenix University GEN/200 class. It really is just a simple formality to have to complete this paper, but it does begin to prepare you for how Phoenix expects their papers. GEN/200 is beneficial merely for the fact that it preps you for how your next two to three years are going to be spent between all the papers you will be writing and bouncing back and forth amongst different learning teams.

It is just a paper in which you discuss communication traits of yourself and maybe members of your Learning Team. It is fairly simple to do once you have the concept of what you need. There is a reading assignment that will need to be completed with the paper which discusses communication strategies etc. This will give you just an idea of what you will need to highlight in the course of this paper.

I am posting this paper with hopes that is can be used as a tool to help you understand that concept of the paper. We did not have much guidance at all when we were told to do it - So what I did was review a paper so it was clear on what was required. Total time for me to complete this paper (once I had the concept of what was being looked for) was about 1 hour. May your instructor provide better guidance than ours so you don't need this. Good luck with your goals!



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