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Community Health Issues

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Community Health Issues

The primary goal of community health is safeguarding individuals exposed to transmittable and contagious diseases or illnesses associated with the environment. Population risks, treatments, and procedures are areas community health recognizes to prevent advancement of respiratory and environmental issues. Education and prevention knowledge helps community health find solutions to health issues as health concerns are within the building blocks of such issues as asthma and diabetes (Stromsky & Griffin, 2009).


Asthma is a multifactorial, chronic inflammatory disease of the airways caused by pollution in the air causing severe damage to an individual's lungs. Contaminated air penetrates through the lining of the lungs, permanently damaging the lungs, resulting in a difficult quality of life for asthma suffering individuals. Individuals can succumb to asthma complications brought on by environmental air contamination, especially if exposure to air contamination is on a long-term basis. Heart disease, bronchitis, asthma, and cancer are a few of the diseases and illnesses individuals can develop if exposed to contaminants for a long period. Asthma has grown in the last 30 decades because contaminated air continues to grow; however, asthma has been around many years before that (Myers & Tomasio, 2009).

Community health devotes time to find answers for asthma sufferers so individuals with this debilitating illness can improve his or her quality of life. Community health provides knowledge to health care providers and patients by providing surveys acknowledging those individuals with asthma to help identify which individuals may be at a higher risk than others of acquiring this illness. Obesity, air quality, and cigarette smoke are factors contributing to asthma, so individuals should be aware of these risks and use community health interventions to contain his or her illness (Stromsky & Griffin, 2009).

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic, lifelong, disease caused by high levels of sugar in the blood and lack of insulin in the body and come in three different types. Type one means the body does not produce enough insulin and daily insulin injections are necessary. Type two is the most common and means the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels normal, and Type three is Gestational diabetes, in pregnant women, means there is high blood glucose levels developing during pregnancy. Individuals suffering from Diabetes Mellitus need to comprehend this disease and have enough knowledge to understand measures needed to live a healthy lifestyle (Fain, 2007).

In earlier centuries, Diabetes Mellitus was a disorder of the kidneys because of lack of accurate information needed to fully comprehend this disease. This caused individuals



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