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Health Issues in Gender, Age & Ethnicity - the Impact of Type 2 Diabeties in Aging Female Health

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Essay Preview: Health Issues in Gender, Age & Ethnicity - the Impact of Type 2 Diabeties in Aging Female Health

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Health Issues in Gender, Age & Ethnicity


Table of Contents


Scope of the Report        

Type 2 Diabetes, Signs Symptoms and Treatment        








Type 2 Diabetes inclines its risk as the age increases to be identified in older individuals. It has been observed that type 2 Diabetes is now a significant growing concern throughout the world for the reason that it represents 90% of all diabetics (Ståhlman & Pham, 2012). Moreover, it is the body’s inability to regulate the sugar- hyper and hypos are possible in diabetes. In addition, it is projected that more than one in sixteen individuals in the United Kingdom has diabetes either diagnosed or undiagnosed, and this number is mounting hastily (N.H.S, 2015). The NHS expressed that females with diabetes have it more dreadful, by and large, than men with the same syndrome as they require more regular and concentrated physical movement to lower their threat of having a heart stroke because of the type 2 diabetes (Wannamethee & Papacosta, 2012). This is why the aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of type 2 diabetes in old female health with age between 45 to 54 years.

Type 2 Diabetes, Signs Symptoms and Treatment

It has been specified by Schipf (Schipf & Werner, 2012), that more than four million people in the UK have diabetes and it is expected that the rate will significantly increase by 2020. Day & Elks (2015) seen that women in minority racial and ethnic gatherings are destined to create type 2 diabetes; the commonness is two to four times higher among black, American and in addition Asian women than among white (Ley et al., 2014). Pan & Wang (2015) contended that diabetes is a more normal reason for coronary heart ailment among women than men. Furthermore, among individuals with diabetes, the presumption of heart illness is more unfortunate for women than for men; women have poorer personal satisfaction and lower survival rates than men do (Hu & Manson, 2001).

According to Parving (2012), as this case discusses type 2 diabetes among older women, it transpires when the woman’s body is incapable to create sufficient insulin to operate appropriately, or when the cells do not respond to insulin. Fagerberg (2011) observed that Type 2 diabetes arises primarily in women aged over forty; however, currently youngsters are also affected. He further specified that women over 45 years with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have a heart attack which is a severe effect of type 2 diabetes. Although it has been acknowledged by NHS that males do have a chest pain before getting a heart attack, nevertheless, it is noticed that women mainly do not feel the pain (Flink & Sciacca, 2013). The side effects of type 2 diabetes are like those of type 1 (Ståhlman & Pham, 2012). In any case, they for the most part grow a great deal all the more gradually and might go unnoticed for quite a long time or years. Bonilla (2012) prescribed that a general physician can offer women some assistance with identifying the condition and get the best possible treatment to avoid unpretentious complexities. The most well-known manifestations of type 2 diabetes incorporate:

  • Repeated thirstiness
  • Repeated necessity to urinate
  • Augmented hunger
  • Unexpected blurry or unclear vision and etc. (Goodpaster et al., 2003).

Principally for women, first-line treatment is diet, weight control and physical activity. In the event that the glucose level stays high in spite of these measures than prescriptions to lessen the blood glucose level are normally prompted. In addition, insulin infusions are required sometimes (von Bonsdorff et al., 2013). What's more, different medicines incorporate lessening pulse in the event that it is high, bringing down elevated cholesterol levels furthermore different measures to diminish the danger of difficulties. It is imperative to attempt to diminish the hazard of keeping so as to create type 2 Diabetes ideal body weight, eating admirably, and working out (Schipf et al., 2012). Additionally, if an old women is as of now been determined to have type 2 diabetes, these same solid practices, alongside controlling the glucose, would dodge a percentage of the issues that may happen as an aftereffect of the ailment and keep long haul confusions.


The data has been collected from different secondary sources and studies which have already been carried out in relation to type 2 Diabetes. For this purpose many countries such US UK Germany Brazil have been emphasised and from which data is collected. Different sample sizes were considered in the study[a]. The beginning stage for the screening methods was through the electronic pursuit, trailed by a manual inquiry by this scientist, utilising the consideration criteria as a rule. Moreover, the significance of every title was surveyed, trailed by the modified works. On the off chance that the digests were noteworthy, the full content article was gotten. In addition, to guarantee dependability of the information choice and extraction the analyst rehashed the screening process, by writing in different mixes of the catchphrases. For each single study, this scientist rehashed the procedure of ordering and assessing the study's quality. Furthermore, a sole structure was utilised to gather and assess the studies.


Findings from the preceding studies have demonstrated that by 2020, the rate of type 2 diabetes, particularly in the UK will increase significantly. One the other hand it will increase dramatically throughout the world. In general, a few digests were looked, and of these, 96 were inspected in more prominent point of interest. Among these 67 of these were screened for significance, and 29 examines satisfied the greater part of the consideration criteria for this present survey, the articles' attributes and the investigated results. The majority of the studies were completed in the USA[b], yet alternate nationalities spoke to United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil and so on. Their measurements are shown in the supplement. In addition, in the greater part of the studies, positive results were watched paying little mind to the system utilised. Notwithstanding, a study done by Day & Elks (2015) exhibited that there was no factual importance between self-care and age.



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