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Example - General Company Description + Conclusion

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Essay Preview: Example - General Company Description + Conclusion

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Our business consists of certain subjects thought in school from primary to form six level, language lesson that can be use in daily life and working environment, music lesson for enhance skill of thinking and memorizing, arts for a little touch about colors and bring out all imaginations in students, exercise that have from energetic fast move dance to soft and smooth dance and lastly martial arts for skill defending.

Mission Statement

We provide multipurpose education in one centre that our employees will provide good service to the customers. We aspire to enhance student knowledge and provide healthy lifestyle class for public to relieve stress.


* Business approaching for 10 % profit every half of the year.

* To obtain a minimum of 250 regular customers for the first year of operation.

* Creating an atmosphere where each of us combines corporate marketing strategies among us as partnership to clear goals and high standard that profit everyone and build up quickly.

* Maintain and expand our outstanding reputation.


 Provide good services:

We will be giving out our strength to find a better best experience tutors that have been trained and well known in public for good teaching skills.

 Give more comfortable class room:

We will upgrade our Urban Education Centre Sdn. Bhd. With more comfort study class rooms and more features of better studies environment.

 Enhance good society:

By providing all education to be learn in out one stop centre, we believe it will enhance more good society who grew up with healthy living lifestyle and well educated.

 Convenient for both parties:

Our business so far is the best for those busy lifestyle and house wife to get along with their children and study any skills or academically while waiting for them.

 Upgrade teaching style:

We will also upgrade our teaching style for students to absorb better and show performances last until they graduate from our education place. Not only that we will be giving out private classes and E-Learning for more convenient time management.

 Benchmarking business:

Keep track of our performances to keep growing up our business to the top level

And improve our name to top listed




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