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Comparing Different Types of Personal Selling Strategy

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Essay Preview: Comparing Different Types of Personal Selling Strategy

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Running Head: Personal Selling Strategies

Comparing Different Types of Personal Selling Strategy

Personal Selling Strategies

Personal selling is an oral communication with potential buyers or customers of a product. Through personal selling it can be considered as building a relationship with customers, which can result in closing a sale. There are many types of personal selling strategies that I have witnessed. In this paper, I am going to highlight the different types of strategies and go in-depth with the one that I have witnessed. I will also examine the best strategy that I will encourage my employees to follow if I were a sales manager.

Moriarity, Mitchell and Wells define personal sales as a face-to-face contact between the marketer and prospective customer. Some examples of personal selling are door-to-door selling, field sales and retail selling. According to an article A Personal Construct Analysis of Adaptive Selling and Sales Experience written by Gengler Charles, it was mentioned that personal selling is related to the quality of customer-sales personal relationship. One personal selling that I witnessed was door-to-door selling, where a representative came to my house to sell a product. It was personal and very inclusive with the way the employee understood their product. An example of a bad personal selling is phone calls; at times employees cannot reach customers at the perfect time.

If I were a sales manager, I would implement identifying and understanding your customer, knowing the product that they are selling and validating the fact that all employees have a humbled and good behavior approach when interacting with customers. Many personal selling strategies fail when the employees cannot tell the consumer much about a product, or service. Testing the product, and knowing the result it yields makes it less complex for personal selling.


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