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Four Different Personality Types and Its Examples

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Essay Preview: Four Different Personality Types and Its Examples

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Manzano, James Carlz C.                                                        June 8, 2019

MBA 731 – Special Topics in Leadership                                                Atty. Eugene de Jesus


Different personality types work and communicate in very different ways. Learning how to identify and understand personality types based on common characteristics is a key component to effective, practical leadership. Each of these personality types exhibit general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and need to be managed and communicated with in different ways. Knowing and understanding these unique characteristics will help successfully manage personality types to increase the team’s job satisfaction, performance and reach organizational goals.

Driver. Drivers are action and goal oriented, need to see results and have a quick reaction time. They are decisive, independent, disciplined and very practical. They use facts and data, response quickly, direct to the point, and make direct eye contact. Their body posture is very rigid and have controlled facial expressions.

Example: My current boss of the company. He assures that all the tasks that are assigned to me will be completed in one day. If something goes wrong, he is going to humiliate me. In order to deal with this person, I will focus on the tasks that are given to me and provide clear, concise, and organized facts or information.

Analytical. Having an analytical personality is very deep and thoughtful. They are serious and purposeful individuals. They set very high standards and want things done right. They are orderly and organized. They are constantly asking questions, almost to the point of getting too much information.

Example: My mother. When the time that I will ask permission to go out on a vacation with my college friends, she constantly asking questions and very pessimistic. She was looking on a negative results.

Amiable. Amiable persons are very patient and well-balance individual. They are very sympathetic, kind and inoffensive. They are friendly, supportive, easy going, respectful, diplomatic and calm. But they are stubborn, selfish and avoiding conflicts. They value personal relationships and many people like them.

Example: My best friend in college. She was very patient and friendly to other people. When I invited her to watch a movie, she never rejects me and always easy going. I value this person too much and reliable. “A one call away” person. If I encountered a problem regarding personal matters, she is always with me.

Expressive. Expressive persons are social specialist because they love to have fun. They turn anomalies into humor, they prevent dull moments. Most people also like them to include in the teams and conversations. They are good in motivating other people. They are people-oriented.

Example: My father. When I failed to my qualifying exam last college, my father motivates and encourages me to move forward. I felt ashamed and devastated that time and he turns dull moments into humor. He narrates all of his life experiences and applies of it to reality. He always cracks jokes and all my bad experiences are gone. He is quickly change a negative mood into a positive one.



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