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Comparing a Spider to a Bat

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Essay Preview: Comparing a Spider to a Bat

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The cities are quiet tonight, not much criminal activity is present for the two heroes who are anticipating the first cry for help. Both superheroes are perched over a ledge in the city, watching every individual, and every move they make. Though Spiderman and Batman both watch the city in the same way, they share many other similarities between each other. Many people tend to think that Spiderman and Batman have very few similarities, but in fact they share common aspects that make their character.

Spiderman was published by Marvel and created by Stan Lee in 1962 ("Friendly, Jobless Spiderman" 32). Spiderman begins his commitment to fight for justice when a thief kills his Uncle with a gun in order to escape from the police. When Spiderman begins his vengeance for his Uncle, he knows that he must conceal his identity for his loves of his life. Peter Parker would do anything for his two loves, Mary Jane and Aunt May. He develops his own costume to hide his face. Many people want to know who this masked crusader is, especially his arch nemeses. Peter Parker uses his intelligent mind to develop weapons to stop evil. He develops the web shooter in order to take down his foes. Spiderman never kills and will never use a gun because of what happened to his Uncle. He is destined to live a life without parents as well. Peter Parker's parents were killed and he never is able to fully develop a strong bond with them because they died when he was young. Many of these key moments created the hero, without these aspects Spiderman wouldn't be the same Spiderman.

Batman was created in 1939 by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger ("WHY BATMAN WOULD SQUASH SUPERMAN AND SPIDER-MAN IN A FIGHT" 11). Batman was published by DC Comics and is one of the first superheroes ever created. Batman is like Spiderman because Batman starts fighting villains to revenge his lost family members. When Bruce Wayne was a young child, he loses his parents to a thief as well. Both of Bruce's parents are gunned down right in front of him, but he is given the right to live another day. The thief only takes off with Bruce's parents' valuables and money. The caped crusader begins his fight for justice, but is still responsible for his father's enterprise. Bruce Wayne must hide his alter ego in order to keep his father's business running. He must not let anyone threaten his father's business and stop him from running it. This is Bruce's love in life and would give it up for nothing. Though Batman does not have any powers, he uses his mind to create weapons and tactics to vanquish the criminals. Batman will never kill to take down a villain, and he will never use a gun because of what happened to his parents (Lethem 40).

Imagine Spiderman and Batman using guns to stop evil. People can not imagine this because this would turn Spiderman and Batman into bad guys instead of good. People don't want



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