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Compensation of Special Groups, What Would You Recommend Doing?

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Essay Preview: Compensation of Special Groups, What Would You Recommend Doing?

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Compensation of Special Groups, What would you recommend doing?

As the plant manager of Harlow Romance Novels we must determine the value of each job. This can be done by analyzing each of the jobs so that we can pay for the value that is attached to certain duties, responsibilities, and other job related factors such as working conditions. In order to do that I will perform a job evaluation of each job and determine the relative value of one job in relation to the other. Based off this evaluation I will rank each job by examining the job description of each and arranging them according to their value within our organization, classifying each job. The factors of each job will need to be done by doing a factor comparison of the mental requirements, skills, physical requirements, responsibilities and working conditions. Since the pay is already set for each job title we will need to compensate based on performance. Employees can receive performance-based pay by receiving bonuses or receiving compensation based off the amount of units they produce. By doing this we will cut down on some of the turnover because employees will feel that their position has value. The bonuses will be available to permanent as well as temp employees. Temp employees will also be given the opportunity to become permanent once other employees move up to different positions based off their performance. This will allow them to also feel they are valued as an employee and not just a temporary employee. It also gives them an opportunity to move up in the organization as well. The bonuses will based off the level of contribution that each title contributes to the organization, none of them will be the same. I feel that this will be beneficial even though it may seem more costly because it will cut down on the turnover. Constantly training employees can become very expensive.



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