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Competency Virus Servant Leaderships

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Essay Preview: Competency Virus Servant Leaderships

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There are different ways to think of this subject. I have had both servant leaders and competency leaders over the years. A competency based leader has a strong connection to their staff because they show compassion in all their decisions. A servant based leader will show their connection to the company more than the employees. I have always been a competency based when I have been in a leadership role because I feel that it is important to create a good working environment.

The strengths of servant leadership are as follows; listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, and stewardship, I see the most important of these as listening and empathy. If you want to be an effective leader you have to be an active listener. Listening also encompasses getting in touch with one's own inner voice and seeking to understand what one's body, spirit, and mind are communicating. The next is empathy and you have to assume that the good intentions of co-workers and does not reject them as people, even while refusing to accept their behavior or performance. Then we have to discuss the other side of the coin that no leader likes to even acknowledge that they have weakness. It comes in the form of frustration and assessment of surveys. We all have days that we are frustrated with either our own performance or the performance of our staff. If it is your leader that is showing frustration you as a good employee is to step in and try to help your boss work through the thing that is causing this issue, The other thing that we can use is the assessment of surveys. In this task you can find the weaknesses that you have and make a plan to change these things and that goes for your staff also. There is a good way and bad way to accomplish this task. Always stay on the side of being professional.



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