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Team and Leadership Project

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This Paper is about Team and Leadership.

Team and leadership Project

I have learned so much by attending this class, many of the problems addressed in this class seems as if they were brought from my company. I understand that such problems are normal to companies and can occur any place in the world by being the price of growth. One concept from our reading caught my attention was Derailment of Executives. I felt when I read the article as if my executives and I are addressed in this article. I saw some of the issues in this articles displayed by some of my executives as follows:

Attention to details but no strategy.

The word (we) becomes (I) - no team work-.

Thinking of the next job and playing office politics.

Failing to delegate or build a team.

The company I work for and own part of, runs by excellent people, however, some of the key executives that were going to be promoted to higher positions, started to be self-centered, arrogant, demanding, and bullies. I am the CEO of the company and did not know what to do with those executives, and planned to fill-in those positions by professional executives. Not in my wildest dreams I would have known this to be a team and leadership problem that is diagnosed and named Derailment of executives. I was relieved when I knew that such problems can be tested for and most probably solved if the executive in question wants that to happen.

I like to keep my executives, because I know there weakness and strength therefore an action plan was implemented with the executives in mind.

For the executives to understand the problems I had to make a three days plan, started

by handing of the Derailment of Executives Article. The executives had to read the

article, summarize the article in one day, after that each executive has to evaluate himself as well as evaluating another executive in the company, based on the reading of the article and the summary he made out of it, in three days.

After three days, the executives came back with an insight about the subject, and were as surprised as I am, and realized that there is a Derailment of Executives problem. Once they summarized the article, those executives became aware of the problem.

Evaluating another manager in the company was not an easy task for most of executives, due to the mixed emotions and self-awareness they have for each other. During those three days of evaluating another executives many discussions took place between the evaluators and me.

A meeting was held with all the executives to address Derailment of Executives Issue, but not to discuss the out come of the evaluations of executives. The evaluation was anonymous and each executive was given his evaluation that was made by another executive.

I had a meeting with each executive alone and discussed his evaluation. Many of the executives where not happy in the beginning but once I told them that there is a scientific way to deal with such evaluations and that there is a way to correct the problem and work on them. The executives got relieved and showed signs of understanding and agreement.

The executives were happy to work as a team and went into great length of discussion about the Derailment of Executives. During these exercises one of my executives could not deal with the issues, I know I will lose him. Some of the executives have shown great interest in attending school to get an MBA just for the knowledge that can be gained.

The executives came up with a few suggestions, some of them were about testing and guiding the company employees. The executives also decided that they would help the administration manger in guiding and helping others for a common goal of becoming the team they think can achieve goals and objectives. Sub-committees have been established as well to set the targets and goals to achieve those objectives.

In every meeting I held with the executives of the company I made sure to say to them that I am a Derailed Executive and need to deal with my issues and solve them. I laid down the issues that in my opinion made me derailed and asked each executive to evaluate me anomalously. I was shocked about what I got from my executives. Some of the revealing diagnoses points are listed as following:



Company vision lost.

Hate conflict at board level.

Very low level of communication with employees and customers.

The diagnoses is true about me, I simply began with my self and looked for problems in the company and with other executives I have created by being derailed. I sat down and wrote what I thought my weakness, and strength that I have, whether related to the board of directors or to the executives board. I met with my executives on one to one



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