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Components of a Wired and Wireless Network

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Essay Preview: Components of a Wired and Wireless Network

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Wireless Routers

Wireless Routers provides the functionality of both a router and a wireless access point. Wireless routers are typically used for small businesses or residential. Wireless routers do not require other components to work and is connected to the network via cables. This is an optional component and provides a benefit of being able to act as an AP and a router. The prices I have seen on internet sites have varied from $50 - $170.


A computer is not an optional component in a wireless network. The function of computer in a network (wired or wireless) is to transmit data. Computers can connect to the network either hard wired or wireless. Computers rely on other components like switches, servers and access points. The type of components needed depends on how they want the computer configured. The prices of computers depend on the bells and whistles attached to it. On they have computers starting around $300 to $1500 and even more. This varies on what the user's needs are.


Firewalls provide security by inspecting packets at the application layer and matching packets against policies to determine if they are permitted or denied in a network. Firewalls are used in most networks. Firewalls are considered optional, but do provide an additional layer of security and should be mandatory. Most firewalls are connected to a switch via a Cat5e or a Cat6 patch cord. I have seen the cost of Firewalls varying from $300 to $20,000. The average cost on is $2000.

Wireless Access Point

Wireless access points allow computers to connect to a network without being hardwired to it. The access point itself is hard wired to either a switch or a router in the server room. Computers connect wirelessly to the AP and packets are sent back into the network to be transported. Access Points are required in a wireless network and rely on either a switch and or a router to function. The Cisco WAPs online vary from $80 - $600.


A hub's function is to connect multiple devices on a LAN together. In today's networks hubs are no longer used and have been replaced by switches. Hubs are optional and connect to a network using patch cords. Hubs broadcast traffic out to all ports on the hub, which causes excessive traffic and security risks. I am not sure if hubs are still sold in stores, but I have seen some on for average cost of $20.


Modems are given out by ISPs and are used to connect a LAN into a DLS or Cable connection. Modems work by modulating and demodulating the signal between two different types of connections. Modems are necessary and mostly used in homes and small businesses. Modems are connected to either a switch or a router via cable. Modems can be purchased from the ISP and have average anywhere from $40 - $100. I purchased one from Cox for $80 and AT&T was trying to sell me one for $100.


Printers are used to print out information for a computer. Printers can connect to a network via



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