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Confident Interview Techniques

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Essay Preview: Confident Interview Techniques

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Cover Letter Guide:

  • Keep your font type and size the same in both your cover letter and resume.
  • The rule of three:

    Paragraph 1: State what you are applying for and what makes you suitable for the position.

Paragraph 2: Describe your most relevant working history with a handful of main points, or your course/training highlights.

Paragraph 3: Present your best practical skills for the placement and how they will contribute to your value there.

Finish with a statement on how to contact you.

  • Tailor your statements to your audience, ensuring that the experience and goals you mention are specific to the position you are looking for.

  • Always end your letters with Yours Faithfully if you are not addressing someone by name.
  • Your reader will probably take less than 5 seconds to skim over the contents of your cover letter. With that in mind, present the most important points you want your reader to know about you, not a lengthy essay of your career highlights and aspirations.

Your cover letter and resume should work together as a partnership, both delivering a powerful message about who you are.

Following are some sample letters to get you
started on creating your own.

24 September 2010
[pic 1][pic 2]

See the words in green? They would be black on the final copy but they create a competent, strong impression of the writer. Less is more – don’t include terms like a lot, plenty, various etc. You need to grab your audience’s attention quickly.

Mr Kim Johns

Human Resource Manager
People and Performance
Financing International Ltd

Level 46, 284 Victoria Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Include the position, organisation, and details of how you found it.

Dear Mr Johns,

I am delighted to present my application for Graduate Accounts Officer position with Financing International, advertised on the Seek website from 20 September. The knowledge I have gained so far through the Bachelor of Commerce, together with my experience working as an Accounts Assistant, forms my strongest qualification for this role.

As shown in the attached resume, I held an integral position in the Jackson Services Accounts team, managing a portfolio of daily and monthly account reconciliations, compiling bank statements and invoices, and liaising with external clients. I am inspired to continue my training towards a career in Taxation Management and Financial Accounting.

I have a confident understanding of customer relationship management and ethical principles, and I take pride in my ability to maintain composure under pressure. I have a solid record of contributing practical ideas in a team environment and learning from experienced peers. My skills and experience have prepared me for a rewarding, successful position in Accounts, and I look forward to being considered by this organisation.

Please contact me on the mobile number above to discuss my application further and arrange an interview appointment.

I look forward to meeting with you.

If your studies and work experience are closely related to the position you are applying for, keep the detail neat and to the point to maintain impact.

Yours faithfully,

Sam Taylor

Encl. Resume

24 September 2010

Mr Kim Johns[pic 3]

Human Resource Manager
People and Performance
Financing International Ltd

Level 46, 284 Victoria Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Dear Mr Johns,



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