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Oral History Interview Questions

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Oral History Interview Questions

1. Did you support president Bush's decision to enter into the war and help Kuwait, why?

2. How strongly did you feel about this topic at the time?

3. In July 1990 Saddam Hussein indicated he may invade Kuwait, how did the U.S. respond?

4. Why do you think Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait?

5. Do you know what religion Saddam H. practices?

6. How was Collin Powell involved in the war?

7. Iraq used Scud missiles to attack allied forces, do you know the name of the missiles the U.S. used to intercept them?

8. Where did you live/work during the war?

9. How did you feel about the war?

10. What were your family or friends' feelings?

11. In what ways did the war change your activities or habits?

12. That you know of, was there any prejudice against people from the middle east at that time?

13. What were some of the first changes in your life after the war started?

14. Did you talk about the war at work?

15. Did you feel like we were fighting for a just cause at that time?

16. Did you ever think our side wouldn't do what they set out to?

17. Did you know anyone who was killed or wounded in the war?

18. What was your most memorable experience about the war?

19. Between the start and the end of the war did your mind change on if the war was right or not?

20. Have you visited any memorials or participated in any commemorations of the war?

21. What did you think about the enemy?

22. How did you feel about war news from television?

23. How did you feel about antiwar protests?

24. How would you describe the ways that the war changed your life and those of others?

25. How old were you during the war?

26. Did you feel there was a build-up leading up to the war?

27. Did you hear of Kuwait before the war, how?

28. At that time did you think there would be any more conflicts in the middle east after the war?

29. How did you feel about your safety



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