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Conflict Case

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Conflict is defined as an open clash between two opposing groups or individuals. In this assignment is discussing about family conflict and how the family conflicts between parents and children can be solved, conflict can happen when family members have different views or beliefs that clash. Sometimes conflict can occur when humans misunderstand each other and stick to the wrong conclusion. And issues of conflict that are not resolved peacefully can lead to fighting and resentment.

Family conflicts are as varied as the people involved in them and are typically more intense than conflict in other groups. This intensity means that managing conflicts may be more difficult in families, and that their consequences can be more damaging. The turmoil can result from a workaholic husband whose wife feels lonely and resentful toward him , or children who are a source of continual family conflict and aggravation due to the parent's lack of consistent parenting skills, or blended families in which an unaccepted step parent or interfering in-laws are the sources of family conflict.

As with marital relationships, an average amount of conflict between parents and children is difficult to determine, although there are estimates. The frequency of conflict appears to be linked with child development. For example, the highest number of conflicts--mother-child interactions--occurred with two-year-olds versus children who were eighteen months or three years old. Among adolescents, conflict interactions tend to increase until about the age of fifteen, and then subside in later adolescence. Parent-child conflict is probably related to parental development as well, though research is currently less definitive in this area.

Beyond conflict frequency, one of the most rudimentary features of conflict management is whether an issue is engaged or avoided. Engagement involves overt, verbal confrontation. Avoidance can take many forms, including withholding complaints, evading discussion of sensitive issues, and defensively withdrawing from a conflict discussion. Different families establish different norms regarding the frequency with which conflicts are engaged or avoided.



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