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Confrontation Between China and Usa in the Asia-Pacific Region on the Example of Integration Associations Rcep and Tpp

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Essay Preview: Confrontation Between China and Usa in the Asia-Pacific Region on the Example of Integration Associations Rcep and Tpp

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Confrontation between China and USA in the Asia-Pacific Region on the example of integration associations RCEP and TPP


Roy, Denny (2013). U.S.-China Relations: Stop Striving For "Trust". Retrieved  from The Diplomat.

The article describes the problem of US-China relations at the present stage, namely the obstacles that may interfere with the maintenance of trust between the US and China: a different understanding of the «peace» term, the United States turn to the East, particularly to the Asia-Pacific region, and thus a clash of interests of two great powers in the region, bright an example of which is the attempt to create the TPP and RCEP.


Lewis M.K. (2013). The TPP and the RCEP (ASEAN+6) as Potential Paths Toward Deeper Asian Economic Integration. Asian Journal of WTO and International Health Law and Policy. 8. pp. 359–78.

The author of this article carries out the detailed analysis of TPP and RCEP. It provides important information about these two associations: potential participants, purpose, terms and conditions of entry, they offer the participating countries. In addition, it includes an investigation of similarities and differences between TPP and RCEP, as well as submits suggestions on the development of each of the associations.

Petri P.A. and Plummer M.G. (2013). ASEAN Centrality, the RCEP, and the TPP. East-West Center Policy Studies. 69. Honolulu: East-West Center.

The article examines the role of ASEAN countries in the international arena, the problems and prospects of relations with the US and the importance of organisation for the development of Asia-Pacific region. This article is important when considering our theme as the recent ASEAN countries are playing an increasingly important role in the Asia-Pacific region, respectively, exerting a great influence on the balance of power in the region.

Shintaro Hamanaka (2014). Trans-Pacific Partnership versus Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Control of Membership and Agenda Setting. ADB Working Paper Series on Regional Economic Integration No. 146

The most thorough analysis of RCEP and TPP is given in this paper. It evaluates the historical background, the main players and characteristics of each sides - RCEP and TPP. In addition, the article discusses the version of the creation of these associations  as a counterweight to each other and accordingly the instrument for spreading its influence in the Asia-Pacific region by the United States and China.



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