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The Neglect of the Asia-Pacific

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Essay Preview: The Neglect of the Asia-Pacific

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The neglect of the Asia-Pacific has made the United States gradually in the Asia-Pacific region. Marginalized. As a result, the Obama administration has adjusted the US global strategy, shifting its strategic focus from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific region, proposing a so-called Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy, and at the same time, high-profile advocacy of the TPP as an economic tool for the US Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. A series of multilateral economic diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region. The TPP agreement is a high-standard, restrictive multilateral agreement that intends to keep China out of the door, thereby curbing China's development in the Asia-Pacific region and weakening China's economic and political influence in the Asia-Pacific region to maintain its leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.Through the analysis of the formation mechanism of the Obama TPP strategy and the analysis of the US economic strategy orientation in the post-TPP era, this paper draws out the strategic suggestions for how China should participate in the Asia-Pacific economic integration process in the Trump era and the post-Trump era. At the same time, through the analysis of the current disputes in the Asia-Pacific regional integration mechanism, combined with the interaction model of institutional hegemony and cooperative governance, institutional hegemony is only the driving force for creating a model, but it cannot be a kind of the model continues to be a benign driving force for healthy development; under the trend of economic globalization, the regional economy also needs cooperative governance to form a model of integrated and common development, that is, the Asia-Pacific Economic Community and the Community of Common Destiny need to be realized under the power of cooperative governance.



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