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Consulting Group Case

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Thank you for hiring us as your consulting group. It has come to our knowledge that KAUZ News Channel 6 has consecutively been ranked last among the news channels in Wichita Falls. We are determined to target the problems KAUZ faces and provide solutions to overcome the problems. If you apply our solutions, KAUZ should no longer be the lowest ranking news station in Wichita Falls. According to our research, Channel 6 began broadcasting in 1953 (citation), and it has been successful throughout its lifetime. For example, in Wichita Falls it was the first to present the news in color, and the first to have a male/female co-anchor team (citation). Despite its previous successes, KAUZ now has been consecutively ranked last behind KFDX and KSWO. One major problem is that Channel 6 falls into the old media category. The development of computers and the internet created a new media culture, and Channel 6 must adjust its communication techniques to compete in this new media world. The next problem is lack of adequate job training. ............. Lastly, KAUZ needs to provide better treatment to the employees. {We now take a deeper look at your problems in hopes to turn around your business's performance.} Even though broadcast television was invented less than one hundred years ago, new technology has changed broadcasting television for better and for worse. In order for a local, small time broadcasting company like yours, KAUZ News Channel 6, to survive in a thriving new media culture, the company must adapt. The invention of computer and especially the internet spun the world into what is now referred to as new media. Broadcast television, along with newspapers and paper books, is generally considered an old media. Channel 6 must change this old media appearance to the public by marketing and using new media tools. This way, the company will still be considered as a necessity to society around it. This will be challenging for News Channel 6 to do. From our consulting firm's research of your broadcasting station, we have come to the agreement that the fact that broadcasting is currently an old media is greatly damaging the popularity of your station and also your finances. Broadcasting has a difficult time competing with the internet because," broadcast can bring one show to millions of people with unmatchable efficiency. But it can't do the opposite - Bring a million shows to one person each. Yet that is exactly what the internet does so well" (Qualman 2). There is also the child of the internet, the viral culture. The internet culture has made peoples interests become fast paced, more intense, and shorter lived. It is harder to identify what people will be interested in because it is changing so quickly. The internet already supplies vast amounts of news, and your broadcasting station needs to stand out from all of them. News from the internet and broadcast news are both delivering the same facts, but not everyone delivers it



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