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Consumer Behavior Methodologies Paper

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Proposed Methodologies

Marketing has changed over the past few years trusting, and focusing more on understanding. For instance marketing depended quite a bit on the social scenes arena adding that with market behavior. At some point, marketing started paying close attention to the consumers and started to acquire more from the behavioral sciences (Bastels, 1962). The way people act or behave can be affected by many influences and factors. Clearly there are differences in the behaviors of individuals because people come from different countries, cultures, customs, laws, races, regions, and other factors.

Developing a better understanding of how consumer behavior relates to marketing strategy helps support the marketers and organizations have a better outlook on decision-making and what strategies to use. With the knowledge of how consumers think concerning making purchases helps to target the market with those thoughts in mind. This paper will attempt to forecast explaining the different types of consumer behavior concepts, the attitudes and intentions of those concepts, the decision-making process, the reasons for using these concepts, and the expected results from the marketing strategies used. It will also include a questionnaire that will help in determining the attitudes and intentions affecting consumer decisions of the target market.

Understanding Consumer Behavior concepts

Consumer behavior entails knowing when where, how, and why people do or do not buy a product. It stems down from bringing different elements together such as sociology, economics, psychology, and social anthropology. It is an attempt in trying to understand the process of decision-making whether in groups or individually. Studying the characteristics of individuals such as behavioral variables, and demographics is an attempt to understand the desires of what people want. It will also aid in the evaluation of influences looking at family, reference groups, friends, and society in general. People smoke for many reasons such as looking mature, to be like their friends, to experiment, and control weight problems. When the need for a cigarette is triggered, it affects what the individual like and dislike at that moment. The idea that likes and dislikes can change over short periods.

Consumer decision-making and Behavior

The consumer decision-making process can be described as the manner in which a buyer recognizes or identifies likes or dislikes, gathering the necessary information related to the need, estimate officially if the purchase is necessary, makes the purchase of the product, and finally makes an evaluation of the same. According to the traditional sense, consumers undergo five stages while making decisions. (1) recognizing the problem or identifying there is a problem or need (2)



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