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Consumer Behavior

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Internally, the aim is to improve the harmonious relationship with each other and consider this environment a better working place.


After three years, the company would like to see great improvements such as strong brand quality and achieve a sustainable growth.

Marketing Objectives:

* Improving or eliminating poor-performing products.

Through this objective, the company can focus on providing customers with products of the greatest possible value.

* Targeting and positioning existing products

The products with the proper positioning will help

* Achieve customer's loyalty and respect

Financial Objectives:

* To achieve sufficient profit to finance the company growth.

* To provide the resources the company needs to achieve other corporate objectives.

III. SWOT Analysis


* The company website is full of information that makes first time visitors fascinated with its well-informed site.

* The products are also home-made which makes health conscious market intrigued by its quality.

* They also have 20 years of experience in helping different kinds of associations such as such as schools and some companies like U.P. Los BaƱos Department of Agriculture and such.

* The company owns the place and does not need to rent.

* All the products are made from natural ingredients and no chemical contents.

* The production cost is less.

* The products are affordable.


* The company has few advertisements and is very much contented with small operations.

* There is also a limited supply for natural products due to complication of harvesting time.

* There are no signs of outlets anywhere as they completely believe that home-made products are still the best instead of machine made products.

* Lack of retail outlets.


* Ilog Maria has a big chance of becoming popular among the health conscious market because of the wide variety of products formed from natural ingredients such as honey from the bees.

* Since



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