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Consumer Products Stand-Point

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The concern of mold has always been a important factors for schools, home, hospitals and others. It is fungi which can be develop around any surface as long as there is moisture. The cause and effect of this fungi can be a hazard for us where it can be a create issues in our respiratory system and form an allergic reactions. We have develop a product which will reduce mold by cleaning dry, by doing so it will avoid adding moisture and leave a pleasant citrus aroma for up to three months after used. Before we distribute this product to this market, my staffs and I have carefully review and done research on the objective of where this product will lead us. The workload and the aspects of this product are coming from the department of Consumer Products, Commercial Products, and Marketing Research Consultant, each of them was able to produce a solid view on it.

Consumer Products Stand-point

According to the final research of Consumer Products done by Joshua Edwards and his staff suggest that:

* Our target market should focus on the homeowners, females 29-59, with a household income of $75 - $150K.

* Our focus to promote this product is by illustrating "safe, effective, and eco-friendly." This will allow it to be sold at the 1.5X price due to the label of an eco-friendly perspective. In addition, If we manufacture the substance in a container which has been a substitute of recycled plastics, the net profit will increase at 2X.

* Creating a new line will produce a great sale profit for Wal-Mart and K-Mart and limit the core chemistry at 25% so we can claim "more powerful action cleaners" in the brand by formulating at 50% core chemistry.

* "We suggest expanding into other retail outlets with the entire product line. New retailers could include Advance Auto Parts (car carpet cleaner) and a website for online sales."

My view

* These proposals have a good approach but I realize if we are targeting the incomes with $75 - $150K. Why deceiving those consumers with the limitation of 25% of the core chemical when we know well enough adding the eco-friendly label, manufacturing the containers with the recycle aspect and advertising the safety and effective process of this product will gain their attention. As we are aware that the trend of preserving the earth have been a great movement which have inspired consumers to be more aware of the usage of cleaners products and more.

* By creating a new line will help us observed how well consumers response to this item without destroying our brand. The questions will rely on : will it be a product that consumers will continue buying or use once? How well the package attract them? And how fast it is recognized?

* The idea of expanding a retail outlets store is too soon to be determine.

Commercial Products Stand-point

From the research of Commercial Products, Rena Morales and her staff have concluded that:

* The product will be



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