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Contextual Information

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For the demonstration of a qualitative research procedure, the aggressive descriptions built by the different associations in the legal case presented were found on their individual phenomenological principles. With the experience of the events describing the situation before and after the trial, an authorized complaint was documented in the court of law. The case explained in this research is a 2009 decision made by the United States Supreme Court in Boston public school district number one, versus Salvatore, regarding the strip-search conducted in the facility of a teenage girl by the school personnel in search of smuggled drugs (Frontline: the meth epidemic, 2010).


Model quotes from the documentary court records of different parties in a United States Supreme Court proceeding were made regarding Boston public school district versus Salvatore. It engaged the extremely emotional official strip search of a child in the institution by the school administration was the primary source of information. The texts scrutinized are theoretically to find more themes that can be able to assist in summarizing the associations' different phenomenological ideas of the details (Frontline: the meth epidemic, 2010). The qualitative analytic study used in this research in the context of the case is well founded on an investigation and rational principle. The case being studied has also contributed to the adoption of methods such as an honours student that Salvatore has concealed the smuggled drugs, forming a method of the qualitative research through the court proceeding itself.


The court proceeding has had the example texts from court documents in the case become readily organized by topics and aggressive associations (Grover, 2010). These associations had a conflicting principles spotted against ends of various continuums explained in terms of these topics. The district case was formed under a relative analysis formed through written or verbal means. Obtaining methods of analysis through the deriving from interviews or filed spontaneous speech to find out topics embedded in that material is widespread in phenomenological investigation. The abovementioned qualitative study or strategy used seems to give a specific appropriate lens and effective technique for studying the broadly different texts pertaining aggressive and testaments of the complainants and intervener recorded with the Supreme Court.


Making sense of the conflicting lawful positions could be regarded in part, as an unofficial qualitative investigation procedure. The employing of written analysis, a qualitative research procedure could extensively help in the establishment of phenomenological ideas of the different associations dormant in the numerous of files usually recorded and kept by the courts in any huge proceeding. This approach



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