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Religions Information

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I researched Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism and these three religions believe life after death. They worship to their god to go in good way in life after death. Also they believe after death, there will be a judge about one's life so these three religions are trying to live in good way and worship to their god so they can go to heaven. It is good to know about life after death in different religions because it can give you more information about religion that you're looking for or if you are in religious than it can help you to find more information so you can learn more about other religions. Believe in after life can change people to act or think in good way to go to their heaven. Also it can help people to change their mind about their life to god because they believe in god and worship god to go to their heaven. If they don't believe about life after death, they don't have to believe in god. Many people don't even think about life after death so they don't believe in religion and they only think about their life.


Buddhists believe people live on the earth one time, and then when they die they face judgment. Buddhists do not just believe people live and die once, but can be reborn a number of times before meet their final end state. After death the soul is reborn in this world to live a new life. The process of being re-born into the world is also known as reincarnation. Buddhists believe people are continually reborn into this world, unless they have achieved liberation which mean is freedom from samsara. Buddha experienced samsara when he saw the effects of old age and sickness, leading to death. Samsara occurs when a person has reached nirvana which mean is blowing out. (thatreli..) Buddhists believe happen when one dies is that the spirit of the departed goes through a process lasting 49 days that is divided into three stages called bardos. At the end of the bardo, the person either enters nirvana or rebirth to this world. Also they believe that if one who fails to reach nirvana than they are going to have three stages of judges. When I was young my grandmother was Buddhist and she told me that Buddhist people believe that if someone's clothe touches the other person's clothe than it means they met more than 5000 times passed lives. She told me that she is my grandmother and it means we met more than 5000 times and we should thank to each other (purify...).


The Koran is the religious text of Islam which Muslims consider the exact word of God. It means 'A recitation' and Muhammad wrote Koran before he died. Islam believes life after death and in Koran text, it shows that there is another life after this life. Islam teach that when people dies, their physical body left in this world and their soul, feeling, memories, and senses are transferred into another ghostlike body (smma59). Janna (Paradise) which means 'Heaven' is called by eight names in the Koran. Janna is the Arabic word for garden. Jahannam which means Hell is often mentioned in the Koran and the Sunnah. It has seven doors leading to a burning hollow of various levels, the lowest of which contains the tree Zaqqum (religiousfacts). They also teach that a human being not



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