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Cool Me

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For example, I took Relative Valuation of Securities, Fixed Income, Options and Derivatives and Financial Modeling. Especially I learned how to use all of my financial knowledge and excel skills to estimate the stock price, profit and value of a company in Financial modeling.

Even people with jobs, such as Gerard Re, who works for private defence electronics contractor Alcatel Space in Cannes on the French Riviera, take to the streets to protest benefit cuts. He travelled to Paris on June 9 to march against De Villepin's plans, which he says will weaken the safety net for workers by obliging them to take on several poorly paid, undesirable jobs to survive.

"It's the old recipes that have already proved to be useless," says Re, 37. "It all depends on what you seek in an economy: creating wealth for the sake of it or having people who work and are happy with their life and their job."

The UK is not in Euro therefore, it retains an independent Monetary policy. It can change interest rates according to state of economy. When inflation is not a problem the MPC can reduce interest rates to stimulate demand. However, Germany and France have an interest rate set by the ECB. This interest rate is set for the whole EURO zone, but this may not be appropriate. If growth in Germany is low, interest rates may not be able to fall to stimulate AD. Therefore, Germany may experience higher demand deficient unemployment. However, in Europe countries are less sensitive to interest rate changes. Also, France and Germany have broken the growth and stability pact to borrow more and pursue an expansionary fiscal policy.

There is also higher structural unemployment in Europe. For example, it is said labour markets are more inflexible, e.g harder to hire and fire workers. therefore, this discourages firms from investing.



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