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Cost of War on Terror

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Subject: The cost of bin Laden: $3 trillion over 15 years - Yahoo! News

The Cost Of Bin Laden: $3Trillion/15years . "In very simplistic terms , STOP THE WAR ON TERROR ! What was Bin Laden fighting for ? Anti-Hegemony ? Real or Perceived ? Was there enough dialog on ideological and religious differences ? Was there enough diplomacy and education ? What are the grievances of those who join "Bin Laden"s cause ? This is the root and this is where we nip it . Both sides are paranoid about each other . One side is afraid of ideological , cultural , religious infiltration . And the other side? Is it fear of losing control or dominion ? In hindsight , had 'intelligence' perceived the brewing threat of muslim paranoia and given attention to dialog and education on cross cultural/ideological/religious differences would 9/11 have been prevented ? How much money would have been spent on this ? Probably less than 10% . Even if it were the same amount ( just for argument sake ,or to drive a point )it would be constructive spending. "wnnxhja mna nnm ahsgf kaafa nnbv nnagdd nnqhsm nb nmmn g gg hh annavb nn r jjj lslsb , werg mnfdae , laghd. hvvann, jaffwvre . jsefl mendyillamv olmebndrt mbbaeds laresbv belosd mexkila . wellimib nilas balony solas ilsnaij lofjicend ilosnicat ordefinsal .loyr tor ths ckode jai loyd noer laosd kla . nooehjs nodkalsm moreds noredg , hoerthi mowsd noaster ol sold nlas nodle . Op las ghor tsew nus berd mor to drey uisn moae. Moeb wer tio mas ert os dert lop dko mo to cin mer te si quo , asd con dins mwaer foue noer madil il oasd bin la den cen ckil masd min cil asil ma sold . This is not a secret code . I just want to research and qualify for your requirement . 250 is too many words for my purposes since im pressed for time . capish? well , I hope this is enough , or else I will just quit and go somewhere and move on .



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