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Courtney Jones Case

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Essay Preview: Courtney Jones Case

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Courtney Jones wrote this story Irregularities. The story is a cliché because it is about the secretary who has an affair with her boss that has a wife she falls in love with him and gets pregnant with his child. According to her she is an assistant," I am an administrative assistant". The story is about a pregnant woman, whom we do not know the name of, who lives in New York and has frosted hair. In the start of the story she talks about how she, after she found out he was pregnant, that her she cannot tolerate onions. She has not told her boss, James Soleander, that she is pregnant.

She tells us that she thinks that James should know about the baby, in her opinion he should "My boss James Soleander, M.D., doesn't even know about the baby inside of me, though he ought to". The woman waits for him to sense that she is pregnant, he has given her something and lost something of his own, however he shows no sign. She reads in another women's magazine that some men will get sick along with his partner however, James Soleander looks fine.

One morning around eleven the woman tells us that she ordered a special sandwich, without onions. However, she ends up getting onions "...he reaches down into the onion bin..." she then tells us how the onions strike her and the baby immediately. She then touches the onion's and the odor stays on her even though she scrub and scale her hands, the baby then tosses around in her belly "this baby inside of me has the most awful fits" . She then goes back to work and book a flight for Dr. Soleander and his wife.

She then notice that James Soleander wears an cashmere sweater, she then mentions that her sister do not have cashmere but everything else "Even my older sister doesn't on any (...) and she has everything" the way she says everything and the cashmere clothing, could indicate that her sister is well of and a hint jealousy. James Soleander then smells the onions she had eaten, she then explain that it is onion his response "Know something? Onions are my favorite," she then immediately thinks he is flirting with her; she then thinks he can see the baby. However, when he leaves all he do is wink at her.

Later in the text, she imagining her life with the baby and her being the mother and living a simple life, with that she decides to tell James Soleander. However she describes that James Soleander do not love her baby, and that he and her baby bails out on her, "like many boys before him" this tells us that she has dated a couple of men in her past. However, after she losses her baby her colleges tell her that she has been no fun, and that is because all her thoughts have been surrounded by James Soleander, the baby and how to please her boss. She then discovers that she cannot bear children, she decides to tell James Soleander about her malfunctioning belly, but not about the baby. She then tells



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