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Creative Writing - Blue View

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Essay Preview: Creative Writing - Blue View

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Part A.

a. Write a haiku about winter or a holiday you have taken.

Mother she does fret

Far away with none but I

If she only knew

b. Write a Shakespearean sonnet about mystery, the weather, or books.

On the land

All the who far from town in urban sprawl,

Like me, they never dwell near pleasant field,

The dry bite lament known hardly by all,

Enjoying all the sunny day did yield

But come the wet and yey for it did rain

The farmer he rejoice neh lack of toil

Four score before it happen once again

Nourished are stock and too the farmer soil

The rain be cruel for neh it does not stop

From dust to mud the waters they arise

A dream again a fruitful healthy crop

The tears return upon their weary eyes

As aussie dose thy turn to help thy mate

Famer sigh in dismay, and curse thy fate.

Part B.

Write an advertisement involving the word blue. It must be an imaginary product.

Blue View

Capturing the very essence of Bronte's relaxed lifestyle, this architecturally recreated home offers a refreshing contemporary take on the quintessential beach house. Perched high on one of Bronte's most prized and tightly held streets, this impressive property rests on a prime north-facing 520sqm block literally footsteps to the golden sand and sparkling blue surf of beautiful Bronte Beach.

Enjoy sweeping views over the surf and Nelson Bay through to Mackenzie's Headland, listen to the soothing rhythm of the ocean, entertain on the sun kissed terrace or relax in the idyllic native gardens.

Featuring 4 bedrooms, modern kitchen, spacious study, open plan living areas and impeccable design throughout this commanding residence more than deserves an inspection.

Part C.

Write a review of an already published thriller (novel or film) that would be suitable for mainstream publication. (900 words)

A reference list must be attached to your assignment indicating any sources used/quoted. You possibly won't use sources for the poetry, the advertisement or the review but if you do they must be added. This doesn't include material available from the course websites or from the public domain.

Your book review must be double spaced and include the author, name, publisher and publishing date at the top of the review. If you opt for the movie review ensure it is double spaced and the name, director, year, running time for the movie are at the top of the review.

SEVEN (1995)

Directed By: David Fincher

Running Time: 2 hr 5 min.

Seven is an intriguingly dark film that begins as a regular detective movie but evolves into a disturbing thriller about two very different detectives investigating the motive and what the next horrific kill will be of a genial serial killer on a mission.

The writer responsible for Seven is Andrew Kevin Walker, whose impressive list of thriller movie credits include Brainscan, 8MM, and Sleepy Hollow. The director is David Fincher who debuted disastrously with the disappointing Alien 3. The question has to be asked why he was given such a high grossing and popular movie franchise when he was yet



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