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Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System

Noel Ortiz


March 7, 2013

Carlos Zaccheus-Vizcarrondo

Criminal Justice System

Crime for me is the violation of the laws that rule sociality. A person that does not want to apply what is right in the eyes of the society the he life in. A crime can be defined in difference ways, according of the country you life in. If a person do not obey the law is consider a criminal, there for this is the relationship with the law that I can see. There are two (2) types of crimes there are violence and property. A crime against a person of a violence nature can be aggressive and very harmful to a person, normally this crime is physical dangerous to a person. A crime against property is a crime were the perpetrator do harmful to a property like a house, a car or any other property the person can have, this is normally have psychological repercussion on the victim of this types of crimes.

The Government structure is composes as it applies for the criminal justice system is the law enforcement, the court systems and the correctional system. The law enforcement is compose of the police and at the same time the police is divided in teams or specialties. There are agents that are in the streets watch and guard the security of the people, there are agents that investigate the crime scene, there are agents that specialize on different kinds of crimes as drug related crime for example. The court system is where the police and the attorneys go to prosecute the offenders that violate the laws. The police along with the attorney for the state present the evidence to convict the criminal. Once the criminal is convicted of any crime he will be sentence and will be past to the correctional side of the criminal justice system.

Choice theories are a numbers of ideas, some are fully-fledged theories, and some are less than that. These theories can be confused with other theories. The criminal justice system uses them to deal with the criminals that are dangerous. They used tough measurements to dominate the criminals sometime using shame or embarrassment to the criminals. It can be assuming that the criminal will not act in the same way again.

The components of the criminal justice system for me are police investigation, the arrest of the criminal, the presentation of evidence to determine the cause of arrest of the person this include the bail hearing, The trial is another component of the criminal justice system. After the trial if the person is found guilty this person will be sentence. After sentencing the person will eater have prison or parole, and this is apply by the correction personnel. This components need to be very precise because



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