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Criminal Justice System

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The criminal justice system is a very important part of society. It brings to justice those certain people who break the laws, which are in order to protect society as a whole, ensuring in theory that the punishment fits that crime. The criminal justice provides a way of protection from the madness that occurs in society each and every day. The criminal justice systems is the foundation for a perfect society and without an intellect of security and protection nobody can live as easy and as worry free as many people in society want. There are three major and vital components of the criminal justice system, all of these components are important in the regulation of justice and work together to provide a fair and equal regulating body. The criminal justice systems main objective is to greatly and effectively reduce crime by bring offenders to justice. The criminal justice system consists of three areas (1) law enforcement (police), (2) adjudication (courts), and (3) correction (jail, prisons, probation, and parole). These agencies operate together in the criminal justice system beneath the rule of law and as the main means of maintaining a sense of law within society.

The first major component of the criminal justice system is law enforcement. Law enforcement plays a vital part in our criminal justice system. Each officer is specially trained in many different areas of criminal justice and law in general. Police are there to put into effect all the laws set in place by the government, whether on the local or federal level. The first contact a criminal has with the criminal justice system is usually with the police (or law enforcement) who investigate an alleged wrong-doing and make an arrest. Police are mainly worried with keeping the peace and enforcing criminal laws based on their particular mission and authority. The also provide emergency services; keep traffic on streets and highways moving freely. They work with the community to stop criminal like behavior. They also participate in drug prevention task forces. They resolve family conflicts as well. Policing has included an variety of activities in different conditions, but the main ones are concerned with order and protection.

The second major component of the criminal justice system is the courts. The criminal courthouse is the scene of the trial process. Here the criminal responsibility of defendant's accused of violating the law is determined. if possible the court is expected to convict and sentence those found guilty of crimes while ensuring that the innocent are freed without any burden. The court system includes prosecution and defense lawyers, judges and juries. These people make sure offenders are given fair trials. Judges hear the cases and watch over the participants to make sure that all laws are followed while the cases are being tried. Some cases are tried in front of a judge only, while others have a jury of 12 citizens who decide the guilt



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