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Criteria Process 2 ( Operations Audit - Purchasing Department)

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Essay Preview: Criteria Process 2 ( Operations Audit - Purchasing Department)

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Process 2-Bidding Process and Approved by Excom

Once an FTS-supervised project is approved by Excom, the Bid Com is informed and requested, either through the CFO or the FTS group, to conduct a bid. The Bid Com, through the Purchasing Manager (who is also a member of the Bid Com) asks for a copy of Excom’s approval before proceeding.

1. Purchasing Department gets company profiles of prospective bidders.

2. Purchasing Department and the Technical Group pre-screen prospective bidders.

For step 1 & 2, the Purchasing Manager and the FTS Representative (both Bid Com members) coordinate with each other in prequalifying prospective bidders. The purchasing manager requires the submission of pre-qualifying documents such as DTI/SEC/BIR registration, latest Financial Statements, and list of completed and ongoing projects. The FTS representative helps assess the technical capability of prospective bidders.

3. Purchasing invites qualified bidders to a pre-bidding meeting, presided by the Technical Group.

4. Qualified bidders will be provided with the following documents:

a.) Scope of work

b.) Drawings

c.) Materials listing

Important: no quantities of materials will be given to the bidders.

For steps 3 & 4, the Technical Group provides the Purchasing Manager (Bid Com) with the above- documents. The purchasing manager then invites the qualified bidders to a pre-bid meeting to be presided by the Technical Group. It is in this meeting that the qualified bidders are given a copy of the above bidding documents. It is also during this meeting that all the questions from the qualified bidders are qualified.

5. The Technical Group submits materials’ quantities in a sealed envelope to Exom, to be given later to the Bidding Committee.

6. The Bidding Committee sets the bidding date after all issues are clarified with bidders. (There should be no more questions at this point.) The FTS Representative and the Purchasing Manager make the announcement during the pre-bid meeting after all queries are answered.

7. Bidders submit their bids. The sealed bids submitted to the Bid Com through the Purchasing Department.

8. The Bidding Committee opens the sealed bids and has it signed by all the members present.

9. The Technical Group tabulates and evaluates bids. The bid proposals are forwarded to the FTS Representative for evaluation and recommendation. The FTS Representative as Bid Com member makes his evaluation and recommends the lowes t responsive bidder to the Bid Com as a whole. The other



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